Angel Mom Challenges Democrats to ‘Love Americans More Than You Hate the President’ and Build Wall

Angel mom Sabine Durden urged congressional Democrats to put Americans first in the shutdown negotiations and build a border wall so that people wouldn’t die at the hands of illegal immigrants as her son did.

“Does Nancy or Chuck have to have the ashes of their loved one before something is done?” Durden asked on Fox News, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Durden was just one of many angel moms to call for Congress to grant President Donald Trump’s requested funding for a border wall. While Trump has insisted that he won’t open the government without the funding, Democrats have refused to provide the $5 billion he requested.

That battle came as the nation saw a migrant crisis in which thousands came from Central America to try to enter the U.S. Trump also harped on police officer Ronil Singh, who died after allegedly encountering an illegal immigrant during a traffic stop.

Durden speculated that Democrats weren’t “blind” to the security problems at the border but rather refused to do anything because of their political and financial interests.

She also urged Democrats to “be America’s heroes” and, perhaps most importantly, to put love of country before their hatred of the president.

“You have to love Americans more than you hate the president,” she said.

Watch the video below:

As IJR previously reported, Durden’s story was a touching one. She almost committed suicide after her son’s death but felt a surge of hope after watching Trump announce his presidential bid in 2015.

Similarly to Durden, angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza similarly targeted Pelosi during a pro-wall rally at the San Ysidro border in California.

Mendoza said she was ashamed that Pelosi would again be House speaker and added:

“The other thing that bothers me about Nancy Pelosi is that she goes on and on and on about the cost of the wall but what Nancy Pelosi fails to talk about is the cost of supporting illegal aliens in our country.”

During her remarks, she posed a tough question for Pelosi.

“I want to ask Nancy Pelosi a question, and I hope she hears this: How much would the cost of the wall mean to you, Nancy, if it could be predicted that a loved one of yours would be saved two years from now because that wall was built?” she asked.

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This woman has my abject sympathy. I’m also an “angel parent” as a drunk Ukrainian killed two of my children. He overstayed his visa.

Trust me when I wish for some time alone with him and his enabling family so that they might regret life.

Ruth King

SO, SO SORRY for the loss of your son. Our government FAILED YOU as they still do today. #BUILDTHEWALL

Phillip Hunnicutt

People wake up. You can barely see the writing on the wall, but it’s coming. People on both sides, and the people of the world get your act together because if you keep it up like you’re going, you will reap what you sow. I feel sad for you all.

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