Angel Moms Confront Jim Acosta in WH Rose Garden After He Suggested Trump Fabricated Border Crisis

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was confronted by a group of angel moms in the Rose Garden on Friday following President Donald Trump’s announcement of a national emergency at the border, Fox News reports.

After the press conference, during which Acosta cited several statistics surrounding the situation at the southern border and stated that there was a “disconnect” between the statistics and Trump’s statements, the group of angel moms approached Acosta.

Watch the moment below:

One of the mothers who confronted him talked with the CNN reporter about her son, who was murdered by an undocumented immigrant that had been previously deported and returned to the country illegally. She additionally told Acosta that “President Trump is completely correct on this issue, we need to protect this country.”

During the confrontation, Acosta asked the angel moms to appear in the background of his CNN live shot.

“Some of these folks came up to me right after this press conference was over, and they’re holding up these pictures of these loved ones who lost their lives,” Acosta said on CNN following his exchange with Trump.

Watch the video below:

“There is no attempt whatsoever to diminish what they’ve gone through or take away what they’ve gone through, but as you heard in that question that I had with the president, it was really about the facts and the data.”

This confrontation comes after the Rose Garden press conference in which Trump declared a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border on the same day he signed a government spending bill to avert another shutdown and allocate $1.375 billion to strengthen border security measures.

It is anticipated that the president’s declaration will face a lengthy dispute in court in the future, with the American Civil Liberties Union announcing Friday that it will sue the Trump administration next week over the move.

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I’m surprised Abilio Acostya didn’t stick his fingers in his ears and repeat, “na na na na I don’t hear you” as they confronted him. Now, if only CNN doesn’t cut this segment from his interview. After all, CNN wouldn’t want the truth to muddy their narrative!

Mark Swatzki

Undocumented Immigrants? They are illegal aliens. So this is an issue just now. Mmmm. Been an issue since Reagan’s amnesty over 30 years ago.

Phyllis Softa

If you watched CNN, you would know how silly your statements are. CNN has alternative universe folks on each segment to represent you. Jim Accosta is confronted daily on twitter from Trumplicans. If he can handle the death threats & personal insults, it is certain Accosta can handle a few grieving mothers. Jim Accosta has demonstrated that he will continue to do his job with or without Trump’s support for freedom of the press.


If one were to ask Acosta, and Acosta were to answer honestly, he’d say he’s the news Phyl. To Acosta, the toughie, he who’d assault and batter anyone, even a female WH intern who’d commandeer his microphone, Trump is a prop for Acosta’s self-promotion, which he, and you, equate with freedom of the press. lol

Phyllis Softa

You are entitled to your opinion and freedom of speech allows you to express your thoughts even if they are based upon a tape you know was doctored as reported by the court. Likewise, as a journalist, Jim Accosta is permitted, under freedom of the press, to report the news as it occurs. IF it hurts your or Trump’s feelings to hear any member of the press question any POTUS on why he is citing info that is different than his own gvt’s statistics, remember this is the US–not N. Korea.

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