Angel Moms Rally for Trump’s Border Wall — One of Them Has Important Question for Nancy Pelosi


On Friday, a group of families gathered to rally in favor of President Donald Trump’s proposal for additional border wall funding.

Each of them had something tragic in common — they lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants and wanted to prevent similar deaths.

The families gathered at the San Ysidro border in California where they harped on the danger posed by illegal immigration, KUSI News reported.

“Not one more American life needs to be lost at the hands of an illegal alien criminal in this country,” said Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son died in a collision with a drunk illegal immigrant.

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Their rally came just after a contentious White House meeting in which Trump debated border wall funding with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

As the deadline rapidly approaches for funding the government, both sides have to reach a compromise in order to avoid a shutdown at the end of the month. Unfortunately, both the White House and Congressional Democrats have committed to opposing positions on the wall.

The group of Angel Families reportedly supported a shutdown in lieu of border wall funding from Congress.

Watch part of the rally below (Mendoza speaks at around 8:00):

“We stand firm with President Trump. Angel Families supports him. Shut down the government. We need a stand-alone border security act,” Mendoza said, according to a CBS affiliate.

Mendoza lamented the fact that Schumer and Pelosi had power in Congress, saying that the White House meeting made her “very ashamed” that Pelosi would be House Speaker.

“The other thing that bothers me about Nancy Pelosi is that she goes on and on and on about the cost of the wall but what Nancy Pelosi fails to talk about is the cost of supporting illegal aliens in our country,” she said.

Mendoza also blasted Pelosi for failing to discuss the victims of illegal immigrants’ crimes. She added that “no Democratic politician will ever meet with us.”

“They will never meet with us when we go to DC because they can’t face us,” she said. Mendoza then asked Pelosi an important question about her opposition to border wall funding.

“I want to ask Nancy Pelosi a question and I hope she hears this: How much would the cost of the wall mean to you, Nancy, if it could be predicted that a loved one of yours would be saved two years from now because that wall was built?”

Agnes Gibboney, who lost her son to a gang member and illegal immigrant, accused Democrats of holding Trump “hostage” in negotiations.

Watch Gibboney speak about her loss below:

“They’re holding President Trump hostage and blackmailing President Trump. President Trump should not agree with anything they want,” Gibboney said.

“If that’s how we’re going to play this game, then nothing for Congress anymore. Don’t sign anything, don’t let any of their nonsense bills pass.”

As IJR previously noted, President Trump held a rally with angel moms earlier this year.

Watch below:

One of those mothers described how hopeless she felt after her son’s death. “But President Trump coming down that escalator that day and talking about illegal immigration stopped me in my track[s],” she said of Trump’s 2015 campaign announcement.

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Arlene Wuske

Years ago, Mayor Burn moved into the housing project in Chicago. She got a fast education about living poor. Nancy should do the same. When you see the reality you move on to better decisions.

Alison Williams

The Angel Moms and their families tear at my heart! While the DemonRATS anger me to no end with their obstruction! The Angel Moms need to go to the halls of Congress.

David Walker

Maybe, if we start shooting a bunch of them off the walls, they’d get the message.


When Nancy Roachlosi and Demroaches harp “illegals need” they’re saying f**k Americans who’s taxes pay them. What about people they’ve killed and their families? All you care about is your “Illegal dem voters and low pay workers” guess what we’re sick of you and don’t care. Screw dems Build-The-Wall


Nancy you are all for illegals coming in to our country, why don’t you move from your big house and get rid of your protection, and move to where these illegals will be living. Oh and bring your family with you. After you live with them let see what you and your liberal friends have to say


How Democrats live with themselves, I don’t know. They only want open borders and illegal aliens to vote to keep them in power. Communists leaders in charge of the DNC. I agree with the man in the first video that said “Do your job, Congress”.

Hector Espada

Schumer and Pelosi are traitors. They traded the country’s security for illegal alien votes. We need to have a trial and execute them for treason.

Cherie Morris-Yelverton

The people who voted in the Dems for the House have put us in this position, they have protested against the wall to get to this point. I am ashamed they do not think more of their country than getting votes. If they are so sure an open border is right, then let them step up and take in some of these refugees. These protestors do not have to bare the problems they bring in, they are not ordinary citizens. They, with all their money, do not have to deal outright with the problems we face.

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