Anna Faris & Chris Pratt Had a ‘Sexy’ Scene Together On Set— 10 Years of Practice Really Paid Off

Actor Chris Pratt has had his fair share of Hollywood Blockbuster hits, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Jurassic World,” and “The Lego Movie” to name a few.

And while the actor is proud of those movies, none of them have been his favorite project to work on.

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According to ET, Pratt’s “best role” is the cameo he has in this week’s episode of “Mom” on CBS. The 37-year-old actor explains why to ET:

“This is the most fun I think I’ve ever had on a set. It’s really nice to see your spouse in their work environment. Well, I don’t know if it is for everyone. It is for me ’cause my wife is Anna Faris.’”

Pratt and Faris have been married since 2009. They have one child together, a son named Jack.

As Hello Giggles reports, the episode marks Pratt’s first television appearance since 2015, when his role on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” ended. Pratt will be playing Faris’s love interest on the show.

Faris and Pratt tell ET that their characters have “a really nice relationship”:

“We have a sex scene, like a sexy scene. We’ve been rehearsing that for 10 years.”

Pratt admits that he has been wanting to earn a role on the show ever since his wife started working on it. He explains further:

“Being her guest on Fridays when they would tape, part of me was always a little jealous that I couldn’t be out there on that stage with them and doing the curtain call at the end. This is really cool.”

Working together is how Faris and Pratt met and fell in love. In 2007, the two lovebirds co-starred in “Take Me Home Tonight.” They’ve been together ever since.

According to the cast of “Mom,” the chemistry between Pratt and Faris during the episode will instantly make those watching the show go, “awww.”

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