Anthony Scaramucci Thinks It’s Time To Consider Removing Trump From the Oval Office

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has been perhaps the loudest critic in the batch of former Trump aides who have turned on the president, and he intensified his criticism in a recent radio interview, saying that officials should consider invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

Scaramucci told radio host Bill Press that Trump is a “despicable train-wreck of a human being,” and said that he hopes to create an “off-ramp” for people who supported Trump in 2016 but will vote differently in 2020.

At another point in the interview, he called Trump, “a full-blown demagogue,” adding, “It’s almost as if Roy Cohn had a baby with Joe McCarthy and they made Donald Trump together, and he’s out there running the country into the ground.”

When asked if he agrees with George Conway that officials should consider invoking the 25th Amendment, Scaramucci said he agrees with Conway “a thousand percent.”

“I don’t understand how elected public servants of the longest-standing Republican Democracy in existing world history, a 243-year-old Republican Democracy, could have this sort of full-blown insanity on display and not act,” he added.

Scaramucci went on to say that the lack of action “has to really make you worry about the state of the country and the overall cowardice of leadership. Because what is the calculation that they’re making now?”

The former White House communications director is among the many former aides who have found themselves on the receiving end of the president’s twitter feed. He’s also trashed former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman.


  1. Remove Trump from Office – for WHAT? His turning the economy around?: His getting people back to work? His getting the GDP to grow up from #44’s abysmal 1.8% over 8 years? His LOVE FOR America and its’ people rather than trying to destroy it?

    The HATRED being spewed by the Socialists, Marxists and sore losers is evident just because their radical, sickly, foul mouthed, inept Queen was defeated in 2016.

    1. You seem a bit obsessed, there, Confused James.

      You do realize that Hillory Clinton is not running and is irrelevant, right? She, along with King Donald The Loser, made for the two most unpopular presidential candidates running together ever. Nobody is crying for her return. Nobody.

      So just like AOC, why are you and so many other Republicans always bringing her up? It is so weird and confusing.

  2. And I think it’s WAY past time for Scaramoochie to be removed from making his ridiculous, petulant comments. He’s just a very sore loser who can’t get over himself.

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