Anthony Scaramucci Claims That Trump Is ‘Intimidated’ by Justin Trudeau

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has been railing against President Donald Trump for the last few weeks and during a recent interview with Australia’s ABC, he made a number of eyebrow-raising remarks; including calling the president an “orange fat blob.”

When asked about Trump’s insistence that he was right about Hurricane Dorian striking Alabama, Scaramucci said, “Again, it’s his inability to ever be wrong about anything or ever to apologize for anything; it basically has to do with very low self-esteem.”

But his most notable remarks came when asked what advice he had for the Australian Prime Minister, saying, “I would tell him to follow the Justin Trudeau model. President Trump is very intimidated by Justin Trudeau because he’s a good looking, smart kid and President Trump is like this orange fat blob.”

Scaramucci continued to unload on Trump, saying, “And so he’s very intimidated by the way the guy looks. And Justin Trudeau has been very, very smart at keeping his distance from President Trump.” Scaramucci added, “Remember, he’s such a malignant narcissist that he needs the spotlight at all times.”

The former White House Communications Director was famously in his post for only 11 days. But, slowly, he began to shift away from his old boss; recently saying that he believes it’s time to start considering removing Trump from office. He’s also criticized some of Trump’s remarks as “racist and unacceptable.”

Trump has fired back at his former communications director on multiple occasions, saying that Scaramucci was fired for “gross incompetence.” Less than a year ago, Scaramucci was still defending the president. When the government shut down, Scaramucci defended Trump and said that he was “playing the long game.”


  1. Scaramucci is one of those individuals who should stay on food stamps and the unemployment rolls since they’re completely useless as productive human beings. Being jealous of the accomplishments of others won’t feed the bulldog.

  2. I claim that the Mooch is a weasel, trying to extend his fifteen minutes. He’s intimidated by Trump, who justly fired him IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS for unprofessional conduct and language, among other things.

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