Anthony Scaramucci Actually Tries to Defend Trump’s Lie About His Father’s Birthplace

Anthony Scaramucci only served a short stint in the White House, but he’s still going out of his way to defend the president to the media.

The former White House communications director offered a slew of excuses for the president’s recent spate of lies and falsehoods during an appearance CNN’s “New Day” on Friday.

Scaramucci tried to chalk the president’s trouble with the truth up to a broader tendency among politicians to lie, but his argument started to fall apart when CNN’s John Berman presented him with specific examples on Trump’s unique lies.

“This is saying your dad’s born in Germany when he’s not born in Germany,” Berman said.

“Yeah, that’s because he’s trying to endear himself to the Germans,” Scaramucci shot back. “He’s saying that, and he doesn’t really care that you’re gonna fact-check him.”

Berman was referencing Trump’s repeated claim that his father, Fred Trump, was born in Germany. Despite the fact that Fred Trump was born in New York, the president repeated the lie once more during a photo opportunity with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg earlier this week.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

Scaramucci’s defenses for Trump’s many falsehoods didn’t get much better from there. He went on to say that the president is a “classic Gemini, where he’s got like two personalities going on in there,” and compared Trump’s frequent lies to former President Dwight Eisenhower lying about an American U-2 spy plane that had been shot down by the Soviets during the Cold War.

Dismissing concerns that Trump’s falsehoods could have larger consequences, Scaramucci insisted that the stock market had already “priced” Trump and investors understand his behavior.

“What does that tell you about the market?” he added. “It’s a smart collective group of people, men and women, and they recognize that the president is actually way more stable — way more rational — than he sometimes comes across when he’s saying that his dad was born in Germany.”

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It’s true, every politician lies. Those with some cognitive functioning will recollect how Barry Hussein Soetoro (aka “Barack Hussein Obama”) lied about nearly everything; in particular his signature EO – Obamacare. He and Hillary also were complicit in lying to the World about Benghazi and her illegal email server he “knew nothing about” (but used it to send emails to and from her on), etc. etc.

Phyllis Softa

He explains it well. No one believes what they see/hear from Trump. They tell themselves Trump is “way more stable & “way more rational” than he portrays himself to be? That worked out so far with closing the border & an immediate withdraw of troops from Syria & Afghanistan. But what about the $11B 35 day government shutdown? The $12B to farmers for his tariff misadventure. Or stripping a critic’s security clearance & giving clearance to 25 who CAN”T pass a background check?





Muffet McGraw

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