Anthony Scaramucci Suspended From Twitter After ‘Fat Shaming’ President Trump

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Anthony Scaramucci has turned his past infrequent criticism of President Donald Trump into an all-out onslaught of harsh words for his former boss in recent days.

The former White House communications director kicked off a public spat with Trump after urging Republicans to move past Trump and replace him with another candidate at the top of the ticket for 2020.

Scaramucci elevated his attacks into the personal realm on Thursday evening after Trump mocked a man at a campaign rally for having a “serious weight issue.”

“Said the fattest President since William Howard Taft,” Scaramucci wrote.

The brash former Trump ally went quiet on Twitter after that, and it looks like it wasn’t by choice. A screenshot shared with Jonathan Swan of Axios shows Scaramucci’s account temporarily locked for violating Twitter rules.

“I think it is related to ‘fat shaming’ President Trump,” Scaramucci told Swan. “I should have said he is the largest proportioned President since William Howard Taft. My bad.”

Scaramucci has only sharpened his words against Trump since the president acknowledged him on Twitter earlier this week. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the former ally calls Trump a “jackass” and “the Wicked Witch of the West Wing.”

The former White House communications director also predicted Trump would exit the presidential race by March of 2020 in fear of losing:

“It’s gonna become very clear that it’s impossible for him to win. And is this the kind of guy that’s gonna want to be that humiliated and lose as a sitting president? He’s got the self-worth in terms of his self-esteem of a small pigeon. It’s a very small pigeon.”

“We had the Wicked Witch of the West, but he is the Wicked Witch of the West Wing,” he added. “We gotta get some water thrown on him. He’ll start melting.”

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General Confusion

“It was a taxpayer expense rally—someone forgot to explain to Trump the difference.” Phyllis

It also seems to be a campaign contribution violation. About 2,400 workers had to stand around for the day while they waited for the great orange-one to show up. For that they were paid about $700 each. Do the math.

If this isn’t a campaign finance violation, I would be very, very surprized, even confused.

www post-gazette dot com /business/powersource/2019/08/16/Trump-speech-union-crowd-Shell-ethane-plant-natural-gas-beaver-county-pennsylvania-attendance-pay-overtime/stories/201908160113

General Confusion

Michigan’s fake Man of the Year winner got Shell to force its employees to go to his non-campaign rally, Tuesday, or take an overtime pay cut.

Without a doubt, this is the type of control fascists use, so don’t be confused out how King Donald The Loser is trying to run this country. “Rally with me or lose pay.”

He also is threatening their union bosses, who don’t actually seem to be protecting their members from this nonsense.


Don’t feel bad…..FB has blocked my account for 30 days and they didn’t even tell me which post was so offensive that violated their guidelines. I think their guidelines are violated every time they repeat what the maggot said.

General Confusion

A. Scaramucci also gave a date when King Donald The Loser will abdicate his golden throne – by March 2020.

He doesn’t sound confused.





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