Anti-Cop Hecklers Harassed Philadelphia Police ‘in the Midst of the Gunfire’ During Recent Shooting: Report

Police officers and vehicles are seen after a suspect (not pictured) in an active shooter situation, where Philadelphia police officers were shot during a drug raid on a home, surrendered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. August 14, 2019. REUTERS/Bastiaan Slabbers

Anti-cop hecklers harassed members of the Philadelphia Police Department in the middle of an active shooting against officers, according to reporters at the scene.

On Wednesday night, a gunman locked himself into a seven-hour standoff with police from his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home. Six officers were wounded when the shooter opened fire into the crowd of officers attempting to coax him out of the house.

During the seven-hour standoff, anti-cop hecklers harassed police as they tried to negotiate with the gunman to get him out of the house safely.

Alexandria Hoff, a reporter with CBS-Philadelphia, took to Twitter to express her “disappointment” that a group would harass officers while they were in the middle of a gun battle.

Some posted videos of the harassment which reportedly took place throughout the standoff.

Watch the video below:

The crowd can be seen shoving and taunting officers as they try to make their way toward the crime scene. As the Washington Examiner noted, the video also shows a bus from “Precious Babies Learning Academy” which is a daycare center located near the scene of the shooting, suggesting that the video was captured from nearby the shooting, though the date of the footage cannot be confirmed.

Although this scene showed anti-cop sentiment on display, many people have expressed their gratitude to the Philadelphia Police Department for risking their lives to defuse the standoff situation.

Hoff noted that “98% of people” at the scene were “respectful and concerned” about the situation unfolding.

On a national level, the same could be said. Several officials from both parties, including President Donald Trump, took to Twitter to commend the Philidelphia Police Department and condemn the gunman.

The gunman from the shooting has been arrested. He surrendered shortly after midnight, early Thursday morning.


  1. There is no word for those people but “idiots”. No wonder that part of Philly is crime ridden.Maybe they should have been arrested for assault & criminal background checked and if they don’t have one, they do now.

  2. Having heard the criminal record on this gunman one needs to ask what was he doing out on the streets? Keep hearing how the political community is going to do something. So tired of hearing how their “ heart goes out “. Just rhetoric from politicians who have been “politicking” long before Trump was the President.

    1. “catch and release” is not only applied to criminal invaders.

      Maybe a REALISTIC society would have a “three strikes and you are now an organ donor” law, followed by Soylent Green plants.

  3. Who do those people call when they need help ? Police ! Yet they treat them with disrespect ?

  4. This really sucks. I do wish these officers a quick recovery. As for those disruptors: who’s going to be first in line when something happens to them and complain about “where were the police? They must hate us!”

  5. The more this is tolerated, the more it will happen and the more aggresive these disrespectful idiots will become.
    This needs to be brought under control via action that makes it clear it will NOT BE TOLERATED.
    Arrest ANYONE that interferes with cops doing their job….ESPECIALLY when it’s a situation like yesterday.

    1. Nope. Give them EXACTLY what they want and stop policing in their neighborhood.

      The only way they will learn to respect LE is to have them do without it.

  6. City of Brotherly Love, my ass. You have to respect the police for not simply walking away and telling the crowd: You deal with it!

    1. They should, but subtly. Say like one patrol a night and looong response times.

      The only way they will learn to respect and value LE is to have them do without.

      “it’s not having what your want (LE) but wanting what you have” to paraphrase Sheryl Crow.

  7. Wouldn’t it be fitting if the police simply refused to show up if the bastards needed help?
    I’d feel sorry for the good people in the hood, but every piece of rubbish that assaulted the police deserves to suffer severely.

    1. Good, but too many PR issues. One patrol a night. Stupidly long response times. Give them what they want until they choke on it.

    1. Nope. Too muich potential for lawsuits.

      Give them EXACTLY what they want. One patrol a night, really long response times.

  8. There is NO justification for that. Since “deplorable” seems to be copyrighted, i will just say despicable. Those police are trying to protect those idiots. If you can’t or won’t help at least leave them alone and stay out of the way.

  9. The city of Bro love is now the city of no love. Even the rats in Baltimore are more loving.

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