Anti-Trump Election Protests Explode into ‘Trump Riots’ In Portland

As reported earlier on The Wildfire, anti-Trump protests have sprung up around the nation in major cities. New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, and Oakland have all experience major conflagrations after the election of Donald Trump.

An estimated 100,000 protesters took to the streets in New York City. downtown Chicago was effectively “shut down,” and Los Angeles traffic was brought to a standstill.

While the protests are mainly “peaceful” in terms of property damage and physical violence, the appearance of hateful rhetoric and the hanging and burning of Trump in effigy signaled that the demonstrations could turn much worse.

In Oakland, criminal elements smashed a police cruiser and set it on fire, lit a federal building ablaze, and stormed city hall.

Those were but a grim forerunner to the worst of these demonstrations of outrage at the election of Donald Trump as president.

In Portland, the anger and dismay of those opposed to Trump has devolved into “riots.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter via Periscope TV/ @itsmikebivins

As chronicled by Pacific Sentinel reporter Mike Bivins, the video of these riots is quite shocking (Periscope videos can be viewed by following the Twitter link).

“LIVE on #Periscope: I’m at the #TrumpRiot and it is without question a riot. Chaos. #NotMyPresident. Portland polic…” read Bivins’ tweet.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter via Periscope TV/ @itsmikebivins

Tear gas cannons can be heard as rioters destroy multiple businesses downtown.

The journalist sums up the situation aptly.

“F***, Donald Trump,” one protester yelled, while others around him threw down trash canisters and roved the streets.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter via Periscope TV/ @itsmikebivins

“LIVE on #Periscope: #TrumpRiot now calling for a peaceful protest. Too late for that. #NotMyPresident. Group [smashing]…,” read the tweeted video.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter via Periscope TV/ @itsmikebivins

The destruction of the rioters has not been fully assessed, but numerous windows were smashed.

Like that of this unfortunate business owner, who yelled, “This is a small business!”

As ABC News reported, there have been “reports of attacks on drivers” as the anti-Trump protest “turns violent.”

Below is one such attack. While many implored them to maintain a “peaceful protest,” there was a shout of “f*** off!” A driver eventually was able to speed away, while rioters pounded on the vehicle.

The roaming mob in Portland sported signs such as “Not my President!” and shouted angry epithets about Trump.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter via Periscope TV/ @itsmikebivins

This elicited reactions such as the following on Twitter, under the hashtag #TrumpRiot.

Some tried to find the humor in the situation.

While others were more pointed about the rioting.

One commenter nailed the problem with the rioters’ reaction.

While Americans look to unify after the election, these rioters and protesters aren’t doing the nation any favors by using violent rhetoric or destruction of public property to make their cases. On the contrary, it sends the message that the people of these cities can’t be trusted to set the agenda for the rest of the nation.

What do you think?

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