From Hospitals to Marine Corps Offices, Here’s a Look at the Damage Caused by Antifa in August

The group Antifa had a busy month trying to #Resist President Donald Trump, including destroying property, assaulting reporters, and harassing police officers.

Here’s a look at the damaged they caused in the month of August alone.

Smashing the windows of a Marine Corps office

In early August, Antifa members in Berkeley clashed with a right-wing “No to Marxism” event. As part of their effort to stop the right-wing event, one Antifa supporter grabbed a hammer and took it to the windows of a Marine Corps recruitment office. 

This same protest resulted in 17 arrests and confiscation of several weapons.

Forcing a Hospital to Shut Down

On the days leading up to the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville white supremacists rally, Antifa members showed up to prove how much they hate racial prejudice, an honorable cause. 

The only problem with the rally was that some members turned violent, assaulting police officers and forcing a hospital to enter a lockdown. 

Ambushing Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens at breakfast

Turning Point USA leaders Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens had the audacity to eat breakfast in a public place. Antifa organizers spotted the two conservatives and quickly organized a protest outside the restaurant. 

Harassing ICE Officers

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been a target of many on the far-left for the whole summer. In August, Antifa members focused on “occupying” ICE offices, including those in Nashville and Portland

Assaulting police officers

Although police officers typically spend their time at protests keeping the two sides from harming one another, members of Antifa routinely harassed and assaulted police officers for doing their jobs.

Harassing their own members 

Despite claiming to be against fascism, many in Antifa have little room for dissenting opinions. Their own members were caught in the crosshairs for doing things like carrying an American flag and saying that “not all cops are bad.”

It seems as though Antifa’s consistent response to opposing ideas is a violent, destructive mob.

Yet despite its outbursts, the Antifa was defended over and over and over again, if not outright supported by some Democrats, including Democratic National Committee deputy chair, Rep. Keith Ellison

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