AOC Ducks GOP Challenger After He Confronted Her About Her Socialist Views: ‘She Literally Ran!’

According to radio producer Rich Valdes, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) wasn’t keen on debating any political challengers during the National Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday.

Valdes, a potential Republican opponent for Ocasio-Cortez in the upcoming election cycle, said that he approached the congresswoman to have a conversation about capitalism versus socialism.

But the lawmaker “cut her handshaking short, jerked her hand back and jetted to the other side of the street,” Valdes said.

“She literally ran!” he added.

He claimed that he believed the parade would be a good neutral place to have a conversation, but Ocasio-Cortez did not agree.

“I thought this was a good time to try and get a response but I honestly only saw the back of her head as she trotted across the street,” said Valdes.

Fellow radio host Curtis Sliwa said that Ocasio-Cortez ran ahead to avoid speaking with Valdes.

“As soon as she saw him she did a pirouette — a spin — and she ran north on Fifth Avenue, ahead of her delegation, just to get away from Rich,” he said.

Valdes allegedly called out to her with no response.

“I heard Rich yelling after her, ‘OK, AOC. You can run — but you can’t hide!’”

Ocasio-Cortez’s spokesman Corbin Trent responded to the New York Post, claiming that Ocasio-Cortez was not running away from the confrontation, but simply continuing to walk in the parade.

“She kept walking! The parade moved! It’s a procession! Give me a break,” Trent said.

The spokesman also stated that Ocasio-Cortez “doesn’t owe anybody a debate,” and said to tell Valdes “to run for office and she’ll debate him.”

As IJR Red previously reported, many of Ocasio-Cortez’s policies are controversial and some have been found to be unsustainable. The lawmaker was also seen as responsible for Amazon backing out of building their new headquarters in her district, yet it is uncertain if these issues will affect her reelection.


  1. I understand why a candidate would choose not to debate an issue during a parade- they may not want to distract from the meaning of the parade- say, a Memorial Day or Veterans Day parade. In this case, I think Miss AOC is trying to stay under the radar when she’s not protected by the walls of the House. She has some serious violations concerning campaign finance laws and I believe her violations run deeper than initially reported and she probably knows the investigation will reveal how irresponsible and corrupt she and her associate really are.

    1. I, too, understand why one would choose not to debate during a parade. I don’t understand why anyone would ask that she do so. I disagree with the “stay under the radar” conclusion. If we could take away 2 smartphones, one would be AOC and the other DJT.

      1. I disagree about their cell phones- despite a few cringeworthy tweets, I think it’s refreshing to have someone in the WH that isn’t a slick, media savvy sneak. Everything is out in the open. We won’t be appalled and angry 2 years after his term is over by finding out the underhanded way in which he ran his administration as we are with Obama. His term has been put under a microscope whereas Obama’s was under a cloak of protection that we are beginning to unveil and find out things that had been well hidden. The shame is that it’s being wholly ignored by the media and is a far bigger story than the tales they make up.
        As far as AOC, her tweets are golden…. her ignorance is on display like a bad traffic accident and we are all rubber-necking to get a glimpse of the mess. We don’t want to look but we just can’t help ourselves.

  2. That woman needs to GROW A BRAIN!!! She is PATHETIC!!

    1. I am unfamiliar with the concept of “GROW A BRAIN” How exactly does that work? —We have politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle that would benefit from reading a history book and the US Constitution. If the candidate demonstrates a lack of knowledge and preparation for the job they are seeking, WHY do the voters perceive the election will automatically provide them with the knowledge needed? Make America Sane Again.

      1. Amen Phyllis you’re like the smartest human being on the planet why don’t you run for office you have my love

  3. Doubt if it will affect her re-election , look at CA , keeps re-electing Pelosi even though they have become a rat hole over her 30 years of representing them ….makes no sense almost like they LIKE shooting themselves in the foot !

    1. Pelosi is a federal official, not a state official. She is a lawmaker of FEDERAL LAW, not state or local laws. One would assume you vote for the candidate that best represents YOUR interests and those of YOUR district. The voters of CA 12th district vote for THEIR interests—shooting themselves in the foot would be voting in the interests of YOUR district.

  4. Great for republicans that she is the new face of the democrats!

  5. I think it’s great for republicans that she is seen as the new gent of the dems. Lol

  6. She was not briefed as to what to say by her handlers

  7. A parade is not a place politicians are ever willing to get into political discussions.

    My home town area was a key battleground area for candidates so we often had senate and govenor candidates come for our July 4th parade.

    I’ve seen many candidates – Democrat and Republican – tuck tail and run during a parade. They don’t even stick around to talk to their supporters so, while humourous, its hardly out of the ordinary.

    1. Better still is when she shakes the hand of a line of people and pointedly skips over the ones wearing anything Trump or MAGA related, as happened to my foster brother and his sister. But it was a procession and she had to keep moving as her representative pointed out. ** Massive Eye Roll **

      1. It is stupid, but not uncommon. I generally don’t get a lot of handshakes from Republicans at parades. My husband reminds me i need to school my emotions a little better if i want a candidate i disagree to approach me. As he jokes, my demographic isn’t important enough to risk the drama that my stink face promises. 😉

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