An AR-15 Sets Off a ‘Vicious Cycle’ of School Shootings in New March For Our Lives Music Video

March For Our Lives music video

The anti-gun violence movement March For Our Lives just got a new theme song and ad campaign with the help of a Grammy-nominated artist.

Artists Kesha, Sage, and Chika released a new song called “Safe” on Friday that’s about the frustration surrounding school shootings.

The chorus of the song is as follows:

“In a mad man’s work, happens every day.
I don’t understand why the rules can’t change.
I don’t want to be a moment of silence.
I don’t want to be an early grave.
When I’m walking through the halls I don’t want to be brave.
I just want to be safe.”

A music video released with the song is stylized around a Rube Goldberg machine that’s triggered by an AR-15 firing bullets. The machine is supposed to represent “the most vicious cycle” of school shootings, showing memorials for victims, “thoughts and prayers,” cable news cycles and more.

When the song is finished, the video repeats itself for nine minutes, the only noticeable difference is the girl featured in the very first scene is now wearing a “March Four Our Lives” T-shirt.

The video also flashed the tag for the group’s newest campaign: #VoteForOurLives.


In an op-ed published by Teen Vogue on Friday, Kesha explained why it was important to her to partner with March For Our Lives.

“I feel as if we’ve found ourselves as a nation not only divided by politics, but seemingly taking sides on the basic human necessity to be safe,” she said, referencing the title of the song.

“The intense desire to change the normalcy of the American gun violence culture is why I wanted to come together with the Parkland students behind the advocacy group March for Our Lives, as well as the artists Chika and my younger brother Sage. Together, we’re asking Americans to vote for candidates who support common sense gun laws in this November’s midterm elections, so that we can finally end senseless gun violence.”

Kesha said that the song was written before the partnership with the anti-gun violence group.

“As fate would have it, the students behind March For Our Lives were looking for a song to use in their newest campaign,” she said. “Of course, we were honored to have the song be a part of such an important initiative.”

As part of March For Our Lives’ #VoteForOurLives campaign, they’re touring colleges around the country leading up to election day. They’ll end their campaign in Parkland, Florida.

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  1. Let’s get the numbers straight.
    Just under 40 thousand gun related deaths in 2017, of which if you remove 60% of those that came from suicides, you have 16 thousand, still a bunch.
    Not nearly as outrageous as the number of murders committed by abortions., some 500,000 a year, many on the tax payer’s dime.

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