Arizona Newspaper Backs Kyrsten Sinema in First Democratic Senate Endorsement in at Least 18 Years

Martha McSally Kyrsten Sinema

A major Arizona newspaper is backing a Democrat to fill retiring Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-Ariz.) Senate seat, breaking with years of Republican endorsements.

The Arizona Republic editorial board endorsed Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) over Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) on Sunday, calling the Democratic candidate the “antidote” for the “rancor and malice” in Washington.

The endorsement lauded both candidates’ qualifications and centrist tendencies but lamented the campaign that has forced them both to be painted to different extremes of the political spectrum.

“We need to get back to a saner time, when senators didn’t call each other names –– or if they did, they could put it all aside after the vote and go get a beer together,” the editorial board wrote of the heated atmosphere that has engulfed Washington and the Arizona campaign. “There is too much ‘us and them’ in D.C., and it hurts how we are governed.”

But despite writing positively on the core values of both candidates and their respective approaches to politics, the editorial board underscored the importance of one candidate over the other:

If you have grown tired of the toxic culture that has taken over Capitol Hill; if you long for more collegial leadership focused on solving problems, not settling scores; if you want a federal government that works, not wages constant war; you must send people to Washington who can change it. People who not only talk bipartisanship but determinedly practice it.

“She leads with an arm extended to the other side and a promise to work together,” the editorial board wrote of Sinema. “She has traveled a long ways from the street-marching activist she once was to the good-natured centrist she now is.”

Ultimately, the Arizona Republic editorial board recommended that their readers support Sinema to be the next senator from Arizona.

According to Axios, the Sinema endorsement is the Arizona Republic’s first endorsement of a Democratic candidate for Senate since at least 2000.


  1. Why the hell endorse someone who calls the constituency idiots and who makes fun of the very state they are to represent?
    I guess the Arizona Republic editorial board is a bunch of leftist’s.

    1. And this is the reasoned, intelligent, rational response from a guy sporting the moniker Otis Samsonite – good job there,little buddy. To everybody else, in this time of partisan bickering and congressional gridlock it ‘s clear to me that Kyrsten Sinema is the only option for our state at this time. Yes I live here, and yes I used to be a Reagan Republican and I was disgusted and insulted by Martha McSally’s discourteous, nasty, insulting behavior during her debate with Sinema. McSally acted and sounded like a barking junk yard dog. Absolutely unforgivable to behave that way while asking to be our next senator. This is exactly why the AZ Republic endorsed Sinema.I stand with the AZ Republic for Sinema. I’m sick and tired of the derogatory behavior exhibited by those who espouse the Trump tone and tenor of insults and vitriol. Until Republicans shed their extreme views, low class McSally’esque behavior, and begin to cooperate with the other side I’m voting Democrat for the foreseeable future. And No, I’m no leftist, Otis.

      1. “And this is the reasoned, intelligent, rational response from a guy sporting the moniker Otis Samsonite – good job there,little buddy.” Might carry a bit more weight from someone who doesn’t go by anonymous. But wait, you admit that you are going to vote for a woman that called you and every other citizen in your state an idiot. At least now we know why you use anonymous.

    2. Leftist…. maybe, but we don’t grab pussys, lie about…well everything. Marry and have affairs with 3 wives, screwing a porn star while one is pregnant, go bankrupt 3 times, suck Putin’s cock….to start Freak is what you are!

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