Arkansas Mom Wanted a Nice House for Her Family—So She Built It Herself By Watching How-To Vids

Building a house is something that is almost always left up to the experts these days. The process isn’t easy, nor is it cheap, and to try to do it without a team of workers would take a lot of time.

But Cara Brookins ignored all these potential road blocks and saw an opportunity to help her family heal from trauma they experienced.

Still recovering from some incidents of serious domestic violence, Brookins and her four children needed a new place to call home — so they decided to build it themselves.

Image Credit: Facebook/Cara Brookins

The mother of four told KTHV that she had no experience in construction, and her family couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it:

“We had been just so emotionally kicked down. We could afford all the supplies so we just put it together ourselves.”

So how did the Arkansas family do it? With YouTube tutorials, of course!

“With just a little bit at a time, we figured out how to lay a foundation block. There was a lot of asking people at Home Depot for help too.”

Image Credit: Facebook/Cara Brookins

Brookins doesn’t name the specific YouTube videos she used, but there are loads of options, including:

Piece by piece, the house came together and the five of them were able to heal from the abuse they’d faced.

Brookins shared details on the change in her upcoming book, “Rise: How a House Built a Family.”

Image Credit: Facebook/Cara Brookins

Her daughter Hope, who was 17 at the time of the big project, is proud of her mother.

She saw how helpless and lost mom was after being abused. Now she sees a lot of confidence in herself and her mother:

“It’s quite a big transformation for her to share our entire lives with the world

I’ve learned that I can do anything.”

Brookins’ advice for those who have gone through similar experiences to her family’s is to go out and take a chance on a new and exciting experience.

“Do something big. Take a big leap and set an impossible goal. With enough determination, you can do it.”

Now that she has built her house and written a book, Brookins will have to set her sights on yet another exciting task. It’s safe to say that whatever it ends up being, she can handle it.