Army Sgt Reveals Side of Melania Trump the Media Won’t Show You After Having the ‘Honor’ to Dance With Her at Inaugural Ball

During the Salute to Our Armed Service Ball on the night of the Inauguration, Army Staff Sgt. Jose Medina of Puerto Rico was the lucky guy who drew the card to dance with First Lady Melania Trump.

During an interview with “Inside Edition,” Medina, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, not only shared his thoughts about the moment, but on the First Lady’s reaction, as well.

“It was an honor and a privilege,” he said, before revealing what the two of them talked about during the dance.

“She [was] just saying hi to me, congratulating me on being selected, and I just told her that she was beautiful and that she had a beautiful family, and she smiled at that. She was just trying to get to know me. Behind the scenes, she wanted to talk to me more.”

Ironically, it was the First Lady who seemed nervous, according to Medina:

“She was nervous. I don’t think she was ready for all of that attention.”

Medina told “Inside Edition” he asked the First Lady if he could do a twirl with her, adding that the crowd “went crazy” when he did.

Image Credit: Jim Watson/Getty Images

President Trump danced with Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Catherine Campbell. During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” along with Medina, Campbell described the experience as “unforgettable,” saying that she’ll “cherish it for the rest of her life.”

Campbell said her main concern was “trying not to step on the president’s toes.” Now, if Trump can only manage to keep Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats from doing the same…

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