‘Arrest the President’: Rapper Ice Cube Releases New Video Bashing Trump and Tying Him to Russia

Ice Cube/Cube Vision/YouTube

On Friday, rapper Ice Cube released a song lodging a series of attacks at the president and claiming that authorities had enough evidence to arrest him.

“Arrest the president, arrest the president, you got the evidence,” the lyrics read. In the first verse, Ice Cube went so far as to claim Trump was “Russian intelligence.”

Arrest the president, you got the evidence
That n***a is Russian intelligence (Okay)
When it rains it pours
Did you know the new white was orange?

Listen below:

The second verse appeared to include Ice Cube saying that Trump was “full of s**t.”

So desperate is what I’m left with
For the record, you affected
Who you elected is so septic
So full of s**t, I can’t accept it

The rap came amid news that Trump asked for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation, apparently due to the president’s frustration with Sessions’ lack of involvement in the Russia investigation.

Ice Cube wasn’t the first rapper to attack the president. Last year, Eminem released a video in which he appeared to mock Trump supporters and bash the president.

Watch the video below:

Trump supporters “Diamond and Silk” responded with a rap of their own:

“Trust your president, he’s your president,” they said to a screen on which Eminem appeared.

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I loves me some Diamond & Silk. Watch them diss some wigger ilk.
He thinks he’s hot and quite the shit. Can anyone name his latest hit?
Just makes my day watchin’ this ofay.. Can I get an OK? OK? OK? HE can kiss my bootay…
(add beatbox as needed)


Ice Cube = LOSER


Most rappers are basically low talent, antisocial, immature idiots. Iced Poop is a good example. I would rather have the opinion of a 12 year old, from a bording school, than hear the drivel from this turd.

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