As Hundreds of Thousands Joined the Women’s March, They Missed a Moment of Unity on a Side Street

Image Credit: Angie McPherson/Independent Journal Review

On Saturday, as hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the National Mall, cramming onto the main marching routes, many people overlooked a recreational vehicle parked on a side street on the way to the march.

Hosted by the Meditation Museum, the purpose of the RV was to help provide healing in a time of division. Without any political associations, the main purpose was to bring people together.

Hello Marchers and Friends of Marchers. The America Meditating Radio Show RV is packed with warm herb tea, cupcakes, and…

Posted by Meditation Museum I & II on Saturday, January 21, 2017

“Regardless of who was elected president, we all have to wake up tomorrow and carry on,” said Meghan Mulvenna, an organizer for the museum. “It’s up to us as individuals to make good decisions. If healthcare is removed tomorrow, how am I taking care of myself?”

Mulvenna has travelled the world and has met with people with various political affiliations.

As she reflected on the current state of polarization within the country, she said:

“We’re all carrying around with us different stories, and that complicates things. What’s important to me is not important to you but they are both right in each of our journeys. We’re all getting where we’re going.”

A few months ago, Mulvenna learned an important lesson about forgiveness and seeing through a culture of hatred after the Pulse club shooting:

“As tragic as it was for the people impacted by the Orlando shootings, there was a peace that was found afterward. That certainly doesn’t justify the shootings, but the darkness can bring out the light. At least for me personally, remembering that can help bring more of the balance in life. There is an incredible amount of goodness and intentions. We let our emotions take over in certain places. Our intentions are to get back to a different place within each of us. We have different ways to go about it.”

As she offered a space to sit, free tea, and time to talk, she discussed the events that led her to Washington, D.C. that morning.

Image Credit: Angie McPherson/Independent Journal Review

Earlier this week, she wasn’t planning to attend. But the American Meditating Initiative, which often hosts the RV outside of events, thought it would be important that somebody was in the city in support of the people.

There were tanks that blocked streets near the protests. People who stood in her way as she tried to get to closer. Eventually, she found a spot on a street and welcomed anyone who came by. Before she could be asked to move the RV, the streets were filled with people, and it offered her some time to open her doors.

People went into the RV and left their political affiliations at the door.

Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and even a few members of the press stopped and poked their head into the RV, grabbing a cup of tea and a quick moment of silence, in spite of the police sirens and chanting.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated after publication.

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