At March for Life, Congresswoman Mia Love Shares Moving Story Behind Parents’ Decision to Keep Her

While speaking in front of the large crowd at the March For Life event in Washington, D.C., Mia Love — a Republican representative for the state of Utah — shared a powerful story.

Forty-one years ago, “a struggling couple arrived in America” after they were forced to leave behind their two children in their native Haiti in order to start a new life in “the land of opportunity.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/C-Span

However, as Love admits, that was only the start of their struggles.

Not only did each of her parents have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet while beginning their journey as Americans, but they were also pregnant with their third child at the time.

Love continues:

“Some would say, it would have been easier for them to have an abortion, but this couple had to make a difficult choice: protect the life of their child or always wonder what might have been.”

Love goes on to say that the saddest words to ever write or say, when it comes to the life of a human being are “what might have been,” because each child — born or unborn — has the potential to “open up our world and take us to places and spaces we have never imagined.”

Yet, as the politician noted, abortion has the opportunity to take away that potential, saying:

“Every time we kill a child through abortion, we kill our potential.

Every time we kill a child, we — all of us — suffer, we lose a little of ourselves and a whole lot of our future. We strip a child from their God-given potential, when we as a society accept abortion as healthcare. My fellow Americans, we cannot accept what might have been.”

With tears streaming down her face, Love continues by saying, instead of listening to the haunting remains of what might have been, people must start focusing on what is to come.

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Love’s parents chose “what is to come” by not aborting their third child.

And as she admitted in front of the thousands of eyes staring at her, Love is sure her parents had no idea that their daughter would amount to everything she has so far in her life:

“I am certain that this couple would never have thought that that child would become the first black female Republican ever elected to Congress.”

She concludes her speech by saying, “the life of those unborn have the potential and deserve the chance, because they will dream, they will create, they will add their colors to the fabric of our lives.”

You can watch Love’s speech in it entirety below: