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Jenni Fink
New York, NY

Jenni Fink joined IJR in 2016 as a writer and covers primarily politics and stories about inspiring human beings. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2013 and had her first fiction novel, Sentenced to Life, published in 2015. She has no k...more

Gun-Toting Homeowner Confronts Suspected Burglar, Protects Family Until Police Arrive
By - 20 hours ago
Owen Turman prevented a possible robbery by holding a would-be home intruder at gunpoint until police arrived.Turman told the Stat...
Barbara Bush Summed Up Her Expectations for New President of Beloved Charity With Just Two Words
By - a day ago
When Kevin Ryan took over for Sister Mary Rose as president of Covenant House International, former first lady Barbara Bush minced no...
Despite David Hogg Organizing a Walkout, Columbine Won't Be Participating — They Have a Tradition Instead
By - 2 days ago
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg has organized a walkout to protest gun violence on the anniversary of the Colu...
This Fierce Description of Barbara Bush Shows She Was More Than Just 'America's Grandma'
By - 2 days ago
Former first lady Barbara Bush was known to the nation as “America's grandma,” but a 1992 Vanity Fair profile shows a much more comple...
A Stigma-Breaking Hug From Barbara Bush Caught on Camera Possibly Changed Millions of Lives
By - 2 days ago
Former first lady Barbara Bush passed away on Tuesday night, but 30 years before her death, she extended her arms to a child in a mome...
Gorsuch's Immigration Vote Wasn't About Partisan Values — It Was About America's Foundation
By - 3 days ago
On Tuesday, in a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that United States courts cannot enforce part of an immigration law streamlining th...
Master Sgt.'s 'Embarrassing' Addition to Re-enlistment Oath Leaves Air National Guard Director 'Shocked and Dismayed'
By - 3 days ago
Master Sgt. Robin Brown used a dinosaur puppet to take her re-enlistment oath, and the lightheartedness of the serious event deeply di...
Donald Trump Wants You to Know All the Ways 'America Is Winning' — In His Own Words
By - 3 days ago
President Donald Trump marked Tax Day with an op-ed for USA Today, where he described, in his own words, all the ways America is “winn...
Laura Ingraham's Viewers Just Showed David Hogg Exactly How Much They Care About His Boycott
By - 3 days ago
Laura Ingraham's Fox News show, “The Ingraham Angle,” experienced a ratings boost last week.The increase coincides with her return...
Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Has a List of 28 Questions Comey Should Have Been Asked
By - 4 days ago
Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kimberly Strassel shared a list of 28 questions former FBI Director James Comey should have...
Loretta Lynch Blames Comey for Staying Silent on 'Bad Feeling' Clinton 'Matter' Gave Him
By - 4 days ago
Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch defended herself and blamed former FBI Director James Comey for not speaking up about concerns h...
Syrian Chemical Attack Survivor Wants to Give Trump Something for Missile Strike — A Beer
By - 4 days ago
Kassem Eid, who survived a chemical attack in Syria in 2013, wants to buy President Donald Trump a beer as a token of gratitude for th...
Celebs Used to Being Asked About Their Outfits on Red Carpet Surprised With Questions That Really Matter
By - 4 days ago
The ACM Awards red carpet was filled with glamorous stars, and the Department of Defense Outreach (DOD Outreach) spent time interviewi...
Reba and Other Country Stars Praised for Keeping Politics Out of ACM Awards Show
By - 4 days ago
On Sunday night, country music stars gathered for the annual ACM Awards, and viewers praised host Reba McEntire for putting politics o...
Charlize Theron Called Out for Considering Leaving US Because of Racism: 'Grow a Spine'
By - 4 days ago
Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.Actress Charlize Theron is facing backlash for...
Partisanship Aside: Democrats and Republicans Offer Support to 'Special Lady' Barbara Bush
By - 5 days ago
Democrats and Republicans broke down the political divide to offer support to the Bush family after spokesman Jim McGrath announced fo...
Trump Goes Off on 'Slimeball' Comey With a Brand-New Nickname
By - 5 days ago
President Donald Trump allocated a good portion of his Sunday morning tweets to criticizing former FBI Director James Comey, whom he c...
Right Before Remembrance Day, Palestinian Political Analyst Claims Holocaust Scope Was 'Not That Large'
By - 5 days ago
Palestinian television political analyst Hani Abu Zeid made a few disturbing comments about the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler's reign dur...
Cohen Slams Allegations He Visited Prague as 'Bad Information' — Says There's Proof He Wasn't There
By - 5 days ago
President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, rebuked a McClatchy DC report that there's evidence he traveled to Prague a...
TX University Gives in to Student Demands After 2-Day Sit-In: 'Immigration Attorney,' 'Diversity Courses'
By - 5 days ago
Texas State University officials have given in to the demands of students who engaged in a two-day sit-in to protest the student gover...
Trump Calls Out 'Fake News Media' for Zeroing in on His Use of 'Mission Accomplished'
By - 5 days ago
President Donald Trump tweeted his disdain for the “fake news media” after various outlets picked up on his use of “mission accomplish...
'Enough Is Enough': Syrian-Americans Divided on Trump's Missile Strike
By - 5 days ago
Syrian-Americans are divided in their opinions of the recent missile strike in Syria, with some saying it didn't do enough and others...
UK Post-Punk Group Targets Ivanka Trump on New EP: 'Daddy Wants Me in His Room'
By - 6 days ago
Gang of Four, a post-punk group from the United Kingdom, released a song from its album “Complicit” called “Ivanka (Things You Can't H...
Obama Official Praises Syrian Missile Strike for 'At Least' Drawing a Line and Saying Enough
By - 6 days ago
Anne-Marie Slaughter, who served as the director of policy planning under former President Barack Obama, praised the recent missile st...