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William Vaillancourt has been with IJR since 2016. A native of New Hampshire and a New England Patriots fan, he studied History and Political Science at Boston University....

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New York Times Suspends WH Correspondent Glenn Thrush for Alleged Sexual Misconduct
By William Vaillancourt - 20 hours ago
The New York Times has suspended White House reporter Glenn Thrush after he was accused of sexual misconduct.This came after the w
Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another in Serious Condition After Attack in Western Texas
By William Vaillancourt - 21 hours ago
A U.S. Border Patrol agent died on Sunday from injuries sustained during an attack while on patrol in Texas, according to a statement
Thousands of Neighborhoods Have Lead Poisoning at Least Double Amount in Flint, Michigan, Report Finds
By William Vaillancourt - 4 days ago
Reuters announced Tuesday that data it obtained from 34 states and the District of Columbia show thousands of areas with lead poisonin
After Making 'Controversial' Comments, Apple's VP of Diversity to Leave Company
By William Vaillancourt - 4 days ago
Apple's vice president of diversity and inclusion will be leaving her position after only half a year on the job, TechCrunch reported
Wisconsin College Democrats Vice Chair Resigns After Proclaiming Her Hatred for White Men
By William Vaillancourt - 4 days ago
The vice chair of the College Democrats of Wisconsin resigned Tuesday morning after a tweet of hers reading, “I f**king hate white men
Student Op-ed Claims White Supremacy, Patriarchy Justify Vandalism Against 'Terrible' Fraternities
By William Vaillancourt - 5 days ago
An op-ed by a William & Mary student regarding recent vandalism of fraternity houses around campus defended the acts, citing fraternit
Undercover Detroit Police Officers Mistakenly Fight Other Undercover Officers in Attempted Drug Bust
By William Vaillancourt - 5 days ago
Police officers from different precincts converged on a neighborhood in Detroit's east side during an attempted drug bust that resulte
This Painting Just Sold for More Than the GDP of the Pacific Island Nation of Tuvalu
By William Vaillancourt - 5 days ago
A work by American painter, sculptor, and photographer Cy Twombly sold for $46,437,500, auction house Christie's announced Wednesday m
Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Promised a Touchdown in Memory of Fallen Soldier. He Scored Two.
By William Vaillancourt - 5 days ago
En route to a 45-21 win against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess got in the end zone
New Jersey Gun Range Billboards Are Being Called 'Racist' — But Look What They Say
By William Vaillancourt - 6 days ago
The owner of a gun range in southern New Jersey has been peppered by requests to remove billboards that some say mock NFL players who
Louisiana Man Wrongly Convicted of Kidnapping, Rape, Freed After Spending 46 Years in Prison
By William Vaillancourt - 6 days ago
A Louisiana man has had his conviction for a 1971 kidnapping and rape overturned and is expected to be released Wednesday after servin
Utah's Salt Lake County to Sue 'Big Pharma' After Leaders Say Local Opioid Use Is 'Horrifying'
By William Vaillancourt - 6 days ago
Leaders in Salt Lake County, Utah, say they intend to sue drug manufacturers in light of the persistent tragedies and economic damage
Veteran Congressman Irked by Colin Kaepernick Being Named GQ's 'Citizen of the Year'
By William Vaillancourt - 7 days ago
Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) joined “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning to discuss former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick being named “Citiz
Tucker Carlson Goes Toe-to-Toe With Black Professor Who Wrote NYT 'White People' Op-Ed
By William Vaillancourt - 7 days ago
The author of a recent New York Times op-ed appeared on Fox News's “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday to discuss his piece.As Inde
College to Change Free Speech Policy After Lawsuit by Students Prevented From Advocating for Fossil Fuels
By William Vaillancourt - 8 days ago
A Michigan college is set to change its policy regarding freedom of speech and expression after a lawsuit was brought against it by st
Born a White Male Named Adam, Florida Man Says He's 'Transracial,' Identifies as Filipino
By William Vaillancourt - 8 days ago
A Florida man says he is part of the transracial community, identifying as Filipino despite being born Caucasian.Choosing to go by
New York Times Op-Ed Author Wants to Know if His Children Can 'Be Friends With White People'
By William Vaillancourt - 8 days ago
The New York Times on Sunday published an opinion piece in which the writer explained reservations he felt regarding his children asso
WATCH: Pence Lays Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery
By William Vaillancourt - 9 days ago
Vice President Mike Pence participated in the ceremonial laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National
Hurricane Harvey Wreaked Havoc on WWII Veteran's Texas Home. Then His Neighbors Sprang Into Action
By William Vaillancourt - 9 days ago
Among the thousands of homes affected by Hurricane Harvey — which Texas Gov. Greg Abbott estimated caused up to $180 billion in damage
George Takei, Actor and LGBT Rights Activist, Accused of Sexual Assault by Former Model
By William Vaillancourt - 10 days ago
George Takei, best known for his role in “Star Trek,” has been accused by a former model of sexual assault in 1981.According to Th
Survey Shows Majority Believe Colleges Aren't Properly Teaching 'Value of Free Speech'
By William Vaillancourt - 12 days ago
A report by the Cato Institute released late in October titled “The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America” found that a majori
Bill Nye's 'Ask Me Anything' Forum on Reddit Didn't Go So Well
By William Vaillancourt - 12 days ago
Bill Nye held an open, “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit Wednesday as part of a “quest to end anti-scientific thinking,” but he was me
'Nothing Wrong' With Changing National Anthem, Congressional Black Caucus Member Claims
By William Vaillancourt - 12 days ago
Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) said he finds “nothing wrong” with efforts to remove “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem, an ini
Reporter Apologizes for Saying Communist Victim Remembrance Day Is a 'White Nationalist Talking Point'
By William Vaillancourt - 13 days ago
BuzzFeed reporter Blake Montgomery has apologized for taking issue with a White House statement announcing a “National Day for the Vic