Avenatti Drops out of 2020 Presidential Race ─ Before He Even Officially Entered

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Michael Avenatti announced that he is out of the race for president in 2020 even though he never officially entered the race to begin with.

Avenatti became a household name as Stormy Daniels attorney in her legal battles with President Donald Trump. Because the lawyer had such a contentious relationship with the president, many hinted that he should run for president against Trump in 2020.

Of course, Avenatti did nothing but add fuel to those fires by making visits to Iowa and posting several heavyhanded tweets.

Although Avenatti may have been laying the groundwork for a presidential bid, his recent legal run-ins seem to have derailed his White House hopes.

The lawyer made headlines after he was arrested after being accused of domestic violence. He denies the accusations and the courts dropped any felony charges related to the incident, meaning he would only be guilty of a misdemeanor if the judge rules against him.

As IJR previously reported, Avenatti was also attacked by his client Stormy Daniels. Daniels claimed that Avenatti was misusing her GoFundMe money and that he pursued a defamation case against Trump without her consent. Although this could be grounds for a malpractice suit against Avenatti, the two seem to have made up.

Still, these clouds, along with an unsolved child support and financial debt issues, seem to have been too much for Avenatti to handle along with a presidential bid.

He took to Twitter to post his announcement, claiming he won’t run out of respect for his family. Avenatti also laid down some heavy criticisms of the Democratic Party.

“I remain concerned that the Democratic Party will move toward nominating an individual who might make an exceptional President but has no chance of actually beating Donald Trump. The party must immediately recognize that many of the likely candidates are not battle tested and have no real chance at winning. We will not prevail in 2020 without a fighter. I remain hopeful the party finds one.”

Although Avenatti is not up to the task of running, that doesn’t mean there aren’t several Democrats ready to take on Trump. Those leading in one early poll are former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Kamala Harris.

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It’s almost a job requirement for any Dim 2020 candidate. You must successfully (or not) manifest TDS. Avenatti falls into the “not” category, which means his fundraising prospects are approaching zero AND his optics as an upright mammal are doing the same. Weasel. One would think he has somne ambulances to chase.





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