Everyday Americans React To Hillary Getting Off Scot-Free After FBI Investigation

After a lengthy investigation, FBI Director James Comey took to the airwaves Tuesday to reveal their findings in the Clinton email scandal, and to recommend a course of action to the Department of Justice. This is what he found:

  • At least eight emails on Clinton’s private server were marked as classified.
  • Hillary was “extremely careless” in dealing with these emails.
  • Comey did not recommend that Hillary be charged despite saying that “this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.”

This is what high-ranking government officials determined about Clinton’s use of classified information, but what do average people think? We took to the streets of Washington, D.C., near the White House and the FBI, to talk to the people and get their thoughts on the announcement.

These were their reactions:

Karen and Greg Bryan from Raleigh, NC:


“I think she should be prosecuted as I would be as a federal employee.”

Bill from Philadelphia, PA:


“Honest, at least they answered the question of what Hillary Clinton used her emails for, we all make mistakes! Go Hillary!”

Erin from Washington, D.C.:


“This won’t shut up Fox News.”

Thomas from Chicago, IL:


“*Smiles* ‘classic'”

Madonna from New Orleans, LA:


“It’s B.S.”

Scott Sarver from Tennessee:


“Think it’s f****** bull****!!”

Allison Fiene from Wisconsin:


“Justice not served.”

Rita and Keith from Canada (dual citizens):


“If it were me, I’d be on my way to JAIL.”

Paola from Washington, D.C:


“Happy with the recommendation, but will like things to change from this point forward.”

Miranda from New York:


“I am delighted to hear that this farcical attack on Hillary’s integrity has finally been discredited.”

Matt Greenberg from New Jersey:


“She’s got a really tough job.”

Tomasz from New Jersey:



Allie from Tennessee:


“Send Hillary to prison!”

Sonny from Tennessee:


“Trump’s House.”

Editor’s note: All photos by Independent Journal Review