‘Average’ Mom’s Open Letter Gives Kim Kardashian a Reality Check

Kim Kardashian seems to be one of those people whom you either love or hate. Blogger Tova Leigh is “Team Kim,” telling Independent Journal Review that she really admires how “hardworking and driven” she is.

That being said, something has niggled at her for a while and after a recent episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Leigh, pictured below, had to say something.

Image Credit: Tova Leigh
Image Credit: Tova Leigh

Leigh was inspired to post an open letter on her blog, “Tova’s Blog — My Thoughts About Stuff,” to the reality star following Kardashian’s comment on being in a Fergie music video:

“You said that you are ‘all about’ empowering other moms but later added that you are not like one of those ‘mom moms.’

When you said ‘mom mom’ I can only imagine that what you meant was the ‘average mom.’

A mom like me — who works hard, raises her kids to the best of her ability and who just can’t see the point in prancing around in stilettos if she doesn’t really have to.

Without getting too much into what I think about Fergie’s music video, (I have never seen such a misrepresentation of moms in my whole life), I have a little request from you Kim:

Please stop.”

Leigh goes on to detail the ways in which the life of the average mom differs from that of the reality television star and then makes a very blunt point:

“You see Kim, after a long day of working, looking after the kids, cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, helping the kids with their homework and walking the dog, this lady does not need to see your glossy face on a magazine and read how you Kim think you are representing her. How you are empowering her and helping her feel better about herself and her body.

Do you see how absurd that is?”

Leigh is careful to note that she is not Kim-bashing, writing, “I am not trying to be mean or judgmental. As a woman and a mother – I would never do that.”

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She then gives Kardashian advice for how she can make things better, writing:

“Next time you take a selfie, don’t hold the camera in that high angle that makes your waist look even smaller than it already is. You don’t need it and we don’t need to think you are THAT fit. Make sure you don’t have any make up on so we can see that you are not perfect.

But most importantly, tell us about how your kids kept you up all night or how they threw a tantrum at the supermarket. Show how messy your house looks before the cleaner arrives and tell the millions of average moms like me that’s it’s okay not to have it together all the time and that even the great Kim K loses her sh*t sometimes.

That would be a good place to start.”

Leigh shared a link to her blog post on Facebook and the overwhelmingly positive responses surprised her, even though she “hoped the letter would reach far.”

She explains:

“So many women wrote to me and thanked me for voicing their thoughts. Many said that they are ashamed and embarrassed by their post-pregnancy bodies and feel as if something is wrong with them. […] They also voiced their anger. Their feeling was that it’s just not fair to be expected to look like someone who has all the help in the world. Mostly I think people were happy knowing they were not alone.”

Leigh, who has previously written about positive body image, adds, “the pressure placed on moms by the media, the fashion industry, etc. has to stop.”

She says women have a responsibility “to do so much better than that.”

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