Baltimore’s Mayor Had Many Rolling Their Eyes After She Claimed the NRA Supports Rocket Launchers

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Twitter users couldn’t help but mock Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh after she falsely claimed that the National Rifle Association (NRA) supported the use of personal rocket launchers.

The city of Baltimore has been participating in a gun buyback program to help reduce the number of firearms on the street in hopes that it will help to lower the dismal crime rates in the city.

Baltimore routinely lands toward the top of cities deemed “most dangerous” in the United States. The city sports the second highest homicide rate in the U.S., falling only behind St. Louis, Missouri.

To help curb this violence, the city partnered with the Baltimore Police Department to buyback guns — without question — to reduce the number of unregistered firearms on the streets.

The city offered to pay $25 for high capacity magazines (ten rounds for rifles, 20 rounds for handguns), $100 for revolvers, pump action or bolt action weapons, and $200 for semi-automatic weapons.

In addition to buying back those legal weapons, the city also offered up to $500 for any fully automatic weapon, all of which are illegal in the United States.

During their first buyback, city employees were shocked to have an unlisted weapon turned into the city — a rocket launcher.

Although the rocket launcher wasn’t fully automatic, the seller received $500 from the city, according to the Associated Press. In total, the city bought back more than 1,800 firearms from the people of Baltimore during the voluntary buyback program.

Mayor Pugh could have just seen this as a successful launch of the program. Instead, she tried to take a jab at the NRA.

As dozens of Twitter users pointed out to Mayor Pugh, the NRA doesn’t support public ownership of rocket launchers.

As Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton noted, Pugh didn’t just use the unexplainable rocket launcher to falsely bash the NRA, she also used it to fundraise for her own campaigns.

As IJR previously reported, Pugh and her administration caught some backlash after they paid for buses to send 3,000 students to skip school to go to Washington D.C. for the March for Our Lives gun control rally.

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screw tape. thanks for outing yourself as an extremist, NRA gun nut denier. And yes, the USA is closest to Yemen in gun deaths per capita. If you don’t know what a developed country is, its time for an 8th grade geography class.. Gun deaths per capita is a very simple basic mathematical concept. Looks like you need to go back to 6th grade math class jethro…….Brady Foundation, Centers For Disease Control, EverytownForGunSafety, MarchForOur Lives, NoRANow, GunsDownAmerica,,


It must be working. The “buy back” was the 17th, 19th, and 21st. Baltimore had 3 homicides on the 19th and 2 on the 21st, all shootings. But there has not been any homicides since the 25th. Source: The Baltimore Sun.


America has the highest per capita gun violence rate in the developed world (40,000 dead in 2017)and that rate includes about 70 gun suicides daily. Responsible gun owners support gun safety. Knowledge resources here: Guns Down America, Everytown For Gun Safety, #NoRANow, Moms DemandAction, Giffords,Brady Foundation, #MarchForOurLives. NRA gun sales propaganda stokes fear (which sell guns). To see NRA propaganda, just read the mythical fear posts below. Fewer guns means fewer deaths.


So you have taken 1800 guns off thestreet. You are number 2 in the country in crime. The problem is you took the guns from the legal gun owners. The bad guys kept their guns. This just shows how much this doesn’t work.


If the NRA is making rocket launchers (with the rockets) available I’ll take a dozen. Because.

fun fact: “buybacks” is a lie. The authorities NEVER owned the guns in the first place. They also practice “amnesty” so any criminals wanting to dump evidence can still turn a profit.

Way to encourage law and order you nimrods.


The Baltimore Sun editorial staff recently stated the uselessness of these “turn ins”, which yield junk guns that the owners can’t sell anyway.

That’s an expended tube, not a rocket launcher. It’s as useless as Mayor Pugh and her band aids. A firearm with a full-auto sear sells for tens of thousands on the legal market (not counting the tax stamp). Maybe Mayor Pugh will provide stats on EXACTLY what was turned in. I’ll bet it was pitiful.

Pat Warnock

How on earth did she get voted in as mayor spouting such rubbish?

Clinton Pirtle

Isn’t that the remains of a single use, disposable rocket? The city paid $500 for a piece of pipe. It makes them look like they have done something, what a waste. NRA has never advocated for rockets! What an insult to our citizens and to the NRA.





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