Barack Obama Surprises Patients at Children’s Hospital Ahead of Christmas

“And thanks for humoring me as your stand-in Santa.”

Office of President Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama was really feeling the Christmas spirit this year and decided to do some good in the community by visiting sick children at a hospital in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

The former president appeared in a Santa hat and carried a bag of toys through the hallway of Children’s National Hospital. He was greeted by caroling staff, parents, and patients before making the rounds.

The Children’s National Hospital released a clip of the former president hugging sick children and handing out toys with his remarks dubbed over the video.

Here was the mini-speech that Obama gave:

“I got a chance to talk to some of the wonderful kids and their families and at a time that obviously is tough for folks. As a dad of two girls, I can only imagine to be in that situation to have nurses, staff, and doctors and people who are caring for them, and looking after them, and listening to them, and just there for them and holding their hand, that’s the most important thing there is. What a great reminder of what the holiday season is supposed to be about.”

Obama even retweeted the video, writing “thanks for humoring me as your stand-in Santa.”

Obama’s decision to stop in at a hospital and visit children is rather juxtaposed with the standoffish President Donald Trump, who is a famous germaphobe.

Here are some more photos from Obama’s Wednesday visit:

Office of President Barack Obama
Office of President Barack Obama
(Office of President Barack Obama)

Melania Trump did visit the Children’s National Hospital last week, continuing a tradition for first ladies that have gone on for more than half a century. Trump most recently made a public appearance to a hospital after the Pittsburgh shooting where he visited victims of the anti-Semitic attack.

Unlike most presidential families, the Obamas chose to stay in Washington after Barack left the White House but they are a rare sight around town and public appearances, like the visit to the hospital, are always highly anticipated.

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“Obama’s decision to stop in at a hospital and visit children is rather juxtaposed with the standoffish President Donald Trump”. Really??? How many times did Obummer visit wounded service members in the hospital?


Unfortunately Eddy Murphy did it better as “Mr. Robinson”. At least his character dressed more the part.

Nightmare before Christmas scenario: Obozo is gearing up for a 3rd term. Moonbeam Brown did it as did OR’s Kitzhaber, before resigning in disgrace. I don’t know if “bending” the rules would allow it for a federal office.

Olivia Masterson
Olivia Masterson

This odumbo is so hungry for attention.


Kids love ANYONE who has a nice smile and a bag full of presents. This isn’t a reflection on Obama’s quality of presidency, but those kids in the hospital are lonely and bored of seeing the same old faces of family and nurses. Anyone who takes time out of their day to visit them is showing true Christmas spirit.


Oh please! What’s he up to now? Never saw him as anyone’s Santa Claus. And we waited 8 years.





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