Barack Obama Surprises Kids at DC After-School Program: ‘You Guys Are Gonna Do Great Things’

Barack Obama
Screenshot/Twitter @NatsAcademy

Former President Barack Obama shocked a group of children at  Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Baseball Academy’s after-school program in D.C. Wednesday.

Handing out high fives, tossing a football, and running bases as a baseball diamond, the former president let loose with the children and provided some encouragement.

“You know, when I see what you guys are doing I think everybody here — if you guys work hard, work hard in school, listen to your coaches — you guys are gonna do great things,” he said to the group.

“So I’m gonna be on the lookout for you, huh? Cause I think you’re gonna do something important, you guys are gonna make a real difference, we’re gonna be really proud of you.”

Watch the video below:

According to NBC Sports, Obama was there to help celebrate the end of the school year and hung around the local area, visiting the on-site farmer’s market and giving lessons to the kids about teamwork.

“Great to get out there and take a few cuts at the plate yesterday—I had a blast with all these extraordinary young people,” Obama tweeted Thursday. “Thanks for letting me drop in and thanks to the Nationals Youth Academy for the outstanding work you do to support youth in DC.”

While the children at Nats Youth Academy weren’t expecting him, the 44th president has taken to surprising schools, hospitals, campaigns, and other organizations as part of his style since he left office.

Obama dawned a Santa hat and a sack full of toys and made the rounds at Children’s National Hospital in the capital over Christmas time for a surprise visit. Last year, he shocked a group of Chicago high school students by sitting in on one of their summer classes.

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Jeff Benson
Jeff Benson

This is a Class Act from our Former President Obama.. The deranged Conman embarrassment we have in the WH now, will ever get the Respect , Admiration, Popularity, Morality, or Intelligence that President Obama so well deserved..

Jeff Benson
Jeff Benson

That’s a Class Act! Truly his MO.. The Deranged Conman Embarrassment we have in there now, will never be as popular as President Obama!


Hopefully they don’t follow him in the “Greatness” category…….I cannot think of anything Great that he did or accomplished……..may be a reach but I believe Obama was in office using same tactics Hillary and the DNC are using/used against Trump…..????


Was he wearing his ‘lady’ jeans? At least he just ran the bases and didn’t throw out the first pitch.


Since it’s obvious BO has no intention of fading away I’d rather him chatting up students at after school programs here at home than his shooting off his big mouth to denigrate the US at some conference in another country.





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