Barbara Boxer: Kavanaugh's Powerful Emotions Showed He Could Attack a Woman

In reaction to Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s impassioned testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, former Sen. Barbra Boxer (D-Calif.) said his performance showed he looks like he could attack women. Talking with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Boxer said it was an exhausting day for women. “All of sudden, his anger is triggered and what we saw today is someone, who you could now see, attacking a women,” Boxer said. “It’s very frightening.” She further pointed to how control of one’s temperament is something people look for in a judge. “This guy not only showed this belligerent anger, but he had like a personality transformation,” she added.

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During his testimony, Kavanaugh vehemently denied all the sexual misconduct allegations that surfaced against him at the eleventh hour of his nomination process:

Mr. Chairman, ranking member Feinstein, members of the committee, thank you for allowing me to make my statement. I wrote it myself yesterday afternoon and evening, no one has seen a draft or it except for one of my former law clerks. This is my statement. Less than two weeks ago Dr. Ford publicly accused me of committing wrongdoing at an event more than 36 years ago when we were both in high school. I denied the allegation immediately, categorically and unequivocally.

“All four people allegedly at the event including Dr. Ford’s longtime friend, Miss Keyser have said they recalled no such event,” he continued. “Her longtime friend, Miss Keyser, said under penalty of felony that she does not know me, and does not believe she ever saw me at a party ever.”

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