Barr Mocks Pelosi’s ‘Laughable Charge’ Calling Him a Liar: They’re Afraid of the ‘Outcome of a Review’

Attorney General William Barr is mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her “laughable charge” against him.

Pelosi accused Barr of lying to Congress during a hearing on April 9, as IJR Blue previously noted, and allegedly committing a crime in doing so.

She pointed to a previous hearing where Barr said he wasn’t aware of objections by special counsel Robert Mueller over his four-page summary of the final report’s findings.

The question came on the heels of The Washington Post revealing Mueller had sent Barr a letter with concerns that the summary “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of his conclusions.

However, Barr let the Democratic leader know exactly how he feels about her claim.

When asked about the speaker’s accusation during a Fox News interview aired on Friday, Barr responded, “It’s a laughable charge and I think it’s largely being made to try to discredit me partly because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election.”

“They may be trying to undermine my credibility, but obviously you can look at the face of my testimony and see on its face that there was nothing inaccurate about it,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Pelosi was previously met with criticism for her remark.

White House deputy press secretary Steven Groves swiped back at Pelosi: “The fact that the Speaker would take it upon herself to call him a liar is really, really inappropriate and beneath her office.”

Additionally, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blasted the House speaker for going “completely over the top” with her comment. He added, “These people are somewhat suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.”

During the Fox News interview, Barr also discussed his findings of “inadequate” answers to the Russia investigation’s origin, while noting, “People have to find out what the government was doing during that period,” as IJR Red reported. He recently appointed the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, John Durham, to investigate its beginnings.


  1. So Piglosi is basing her accusation that AG Barr lied on a WaPo article? WaPo is a great place to get factual information.

  2. Barr a liar? The speaker was silent for eight years for all those indiscretions they’ve committed. Either she should answer those questions, or retire. I prefer the latter, incompetent at best.

    1. Nope. Her behavior is too consistent. Best case is shes selfishly evil and does what she does because someone pays her and she doesnt understand the long term effects of what shes doing. More likely is she is completely aware of what she is doing and is doing it intentionally.

  3. Well Pelosi is nothing more than a stumbling idiot liar ? herself! She should lay off the liquor!!!

    1. Not a chance. She and hubby own their own vineyards in Commiefornia and no doubt she hits the juice repeatedly throughout the day. Also accounts for her $29 million net worth (as a politician making under $200K a year?).

    2. I thought it was from her false teeth slipping. Painful to watch.


  5. Hope John Durham doesn’t commit suicide before he hands over the report of what he found out .Why would they tell the world who is investigating it, because then they commit suicide .KEEP IT HUSH HUSH .To late now .

  6. Piglosi calling someone a liar is almost funny.

  7. Pelosi needs to go there’s something wrong with this women just as kilery

  8. It is Republicans who are afraid of an investigation! Let us see the Mueller Report for ourselves! It does not matter WHY it was started facts are facts. Let the facts speak for themselves! Even before the election Trump set off “red flags”. Republicans have a tiger by the tail. Trump is too hot to handle but they want to blame Democrats to get rid of .Trump

    1. Its ALREADY available for public view, moron

    2. Crystal have you had your head buried in the sand all your life? It is the Dems who are guilty and it’s about to be proven. Be sure to have a crying towel handy election night 2020 as Lib meltdown part 2 takes place!!!?

    3. Try looking for it online, it is available except for the redactions that are required concerning grand jury items.

    4. Read the report for yourself at the link below. It has been made public. In fact the Democrats had a public reading of the report yesterday. There’s a link to that on C-Span below if you care to listen to them drone on for hours. The redactions are because of Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure which covers grand jury information and when a court can order that such information may be disclosed. The fact that the Democrats are holding Barr in contempt because he wouldn’t release the entire report is disingenuous. Barr was not required to release the report at all. President Trump is going to declassify a lot of documents soon and the Democrats are the ones who are afraid.

      Your statement saying it does not matter WHY the investigation was started is scary on its face. It was based on false information provided to a FISA court multiple times by the FBI. It was outrageous behavior and an abuse of power. Remember, this can happen to you, me or any other American if they will break the law to investigate the President for political purposes. I believe in the rule of law because it affects all of us not just those you dislike. Be careful what you wish for because you may not like what you get. A dual justice system is what happens in third world countries.

    5. The Mueller report is freely available for you to read. It doesn’t matter how many times you read it, it still says the same thing. No collusion, no conspiracy, and no obstruction of justice as determined by the Justice Dept.
      Barr is investigating how the whole mess got started and Democrats know it started with HRC and the DNC, and rogue Government employees going beyond their legal authority to try and stop a duly elected president from taking office, and then performing his duties.

    6. Check yourself in to a nearby hospital psychiatric division. You need help. You have it. Trump derangement syndrome. There is a cure. Stop watching msnbc and cnn. You’ll be fine in a few weeks.

    7. What are you smoking, is it legal and if so where can I get some?

    8. Go buy a copy. They’re selling them on Amazon.

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