‘We Still Believe You’: Elizabeth Warren Reiterates Support For Christine Blasey Ford

Elizabeth Warren, Christine Blasey Ford

The noise surrounding the controversy of allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has dwindled down since the Justice took his seat on the court. But on Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought the issue back into the spotlight with one simple tweet.

Christine Blasey Ford, who testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were young, announced this month she would be donating money given to her by supporters to help other trauma survivors.

‘Thank you, Dr. Ford” Sen. Warren tweeted Friday with t a link to a story covering the donation. “We still believe you.” Warren also added “#TrumpJudges.”

A GoFundMe set up for Ford raised $640,000 before Ford cut off the link, thanking supporters and promising to donate unused funds.

“Your donations have allowed us to take reasonable steps to protect ourselves against frightening threats, including physical protection and security for me and my family, and to enhance the security for our home.” Ford said in the GoFundMe update.

Ford and her family were displaced from their home long after her testimony ended.

While Democrats fought against Kavanaugh both for the allegations stacked against him and how he acted during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was eventually confirmed by the Republican majority.

Warren was one of the most vocal senators in her opposition to the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

This week the new Supreme Court took their first official group portrait with Justice Kavanaugh smiling broadly in the back row.


  1. Dr. Ford is an intelligent woman. She heard what was said , “she credible, believable, blah,blah blah…” But as Sen Collins, Graham, Flake & Sen candidate Cramer. et al.. clearly expressed , So what? She knows this is not personal, –although wackos made death threats against her & her family. We live in the “So what?” era. Access Hollywood tape: So what? >6,000 lies: So what? Tax cuts added a trillion to debt: So what? American values: SO WHAT? You are all very clear.

  2. I believe Ford will be gracious and, with good taste, quietly disappear. Her failed attempt to manifest her Kavanaugh dream, aided and abetted by Spartacus, Sneaky Dianne and others, did though put one over on America, or at least native America, Poca that is

    1. Dr. Ford will be gracious. Will historians be gracious when they assess the “SO WHAT?” era? If you thought so, why would you hide behind anonymity?

      1. Anonymity? There is no concealment; I am my posts. (Gandhi: my life is my message.) No one cares who I am, unless they, you that is, want to pigeonhole me – a shallow goal but fitting – it jives with your attempt to understand Americans. OK, here you go: I’m old, white, male, highly seasoned with various educations, and dismissable – like everyone else on earth. My values though are not going anywhere.

  3. q: why didn’t Ballsy Ford file an actual police report? What she alleges happened IS a crime and MD has NO statute of limitations for this kind of crime. Perhaps she was afraid of charges for filing false claims?

  4. And we believe YOU TOO, Pocahontas! You are 1/1000 Native American, proven by your self administered DNA test! You are truly a lady and a scholar, not the lying whack job that so many have made you out to be! Even though Hillary couldn’t bring herself to have you as a running mate, this country is desperately in need of a Native American in the WH in 2020, and that would be YOU! You are amazing, and special, and an inspiration to us all!

    1. Vito, the DNA comparison sample included a high-percentage of SOUTH American natives. So she could capture the votes of that demographic as well. Ooops. A lot of them are illegals. Not that that will stop them from voting.

      I’ve played with the idea of taking some of these DNA tests, just for fun. I can literally trace my ancestry back 27 generations (Confucianism and all that) via a book. Since one of my degrees is microbiology I’d be interested to see the results. BS or not?

    2. Laying it on kinds thick, Vito. Hillary was a moderate Democrat. Why would she pick a far left Dem for her VP simply because she was of Native American heritage? If that is what she wanted, she would have caved to the Bernie Bros and picked Bernie. If Warren is too left for me, she sure as heck is way too liberal for you to vote for in 2020.

      1. Phyliss, that was sarcasm! I thought since Little Johnnie Sharpensteen was MIA, I wouldn’t have to put that disclaimer in there. Congrats, you proved me wrong… for once. 😂😂😂

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