Ben Carson Shoots Down Dem’s Call for His Resignation: Hearings Are ‘Just Attack,’ Not Policies

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is knocking down a congressional Democrat’s call for his resignation after this week’s heated hearing, slamming it as nothing but “attack, attack, attack.”

After appearing at this week’s House Financial Services Committee hearing, Carson was met with criticism from Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.), as she accused him of lying to Congress over whether rule changes would affect transgender individuals.

Watch the exchange below:

HUD, however, proposed a new rule on Wednesday to allow federally funded shelters to deny transgender individuals admission on religious grounds.

Wexton then claimed on Thursday that Carson’s “proven himself to be deceitful and inept” and called for him to resign.

Carson later clarified on his remarks:

“When I responded to the congresswoman’s question, I believed she was asking whether HUD was going to take away the anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ persons in the rule. We are not, as I stated. I later realized she was asking a very technical question about the code of federal regulations on self-identified gender. I then called her to clarify that our intention is to stop treating sex and self-identified gender as the same, because I believe Washington shouldn’t be telling the rest of America how to determine whether someone is a man or a woman.”

In response to calls for his resignation, Carson told Fox Business on Friday that it has reached “a very sad point in our country where a hearing that is supposed to be about what the policies are becomes just attack, attack, attack.” He added, “Not really being very interested in what the answers are.”

The HUD secretary pondered what Wexton “would say if she knew how much I’ve had to resist people who wanted the rule taken down all together.”

Watch the video below:

During Tuesday’s hearing, Carson made an Oreo gaffe as he answered another congresswoman’s remark regarding Real Estate Owned (REO) properties, as IJR Red reported. The moment was eaten up over Carson’s response, but he later clarified he wasn’t embarrassed because he simply was “having difficulty hearing her.”


  1. Ben Carson is not a LIAR – period. He is a very truthful and learned man and does every job well. This young woman is haughty, spending time elating her past positions to him, which is irrelevant. We TRUST she is in this job for a reason, so GET ON WITH THE POINT. The questions asked are laced with smirkiness and disrespect for Mr. Carson. What is she supposed to be finding out? Are the questions geared to just entrap people or solve a problem. More wasted time in congress. I wish Ben would do what Trump does – get up and walk out. No respect? No hearing. Give him a questionnaire to fill out on his own time when he has time to think about a good and thorough answer.

  2. This is a man that said the pyramids were grain storage!

  3. Wha???! She can’t attack Ben Carson! This is an outrageous example of white privilege! DAT racis!

  4. Ben Carson, of all Trump appointees, is one of the most moral, honest, above reproach, individuals I have observed. It will take far more than some dim witted congresswoman to change my opinion. Nice try.

  5. Ben Carson is the only Presidential candidate that I have ever donated money to and personally endorsed. He would have been a much better POTUS than Trump. Carson grew up in the ghetto, hung out in libraries instead of the streets, and made his mother proud by becoming a neurosurgeon. Carson is a pure role model, someone who deserves respect. By the way, I am a caucasian from the south and believe it or not, we are not racist Conservatives. I had no choice but to vote for Trump.

    1. Carson Cant Fight BackThe Democrats Like Trump-Trump Is A Great President

    2. Me too – I was devastated we ended up with less….

  6. Democrats continue to prove that they have lost their minds.

  7. If it were a Republican to a Democrat, he would be accused of racism! Let’s accuse Wexton of being racists. That’s what DemocRATS ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do.

    1. Wexton is a cookie cutter progressive – which means she and whatever she thinks she is on about, including “policy”, is unrelated to any sort of governance. Right HUD Sec. Carson, Washington DC shouldn’t be telling Americans what to think about sex or gender identity. Wexton herself should be that authority. She, after all, has her finger on the pulse of America more firmly than everyone else, or at least the 1/1024, or is it 1/10024, whatever fraction of Americans, democrats all, are the oppressed and misunderstood transgendered.

  8. We are too focused on personalities rather than issues. Honest discourse has become impossible.

  9. Having been an Attorney I would expect more than a childish temper tantrum. Grow up Rep. Wexton!! I am SURE you have never lied or misunderstood something.

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  11. A trial is needed for Pelosi and Schumer . Once found guilty I hope to see them hang for treason. Thank you.

    1. Stick to the subject! Trolls are not welcome!

      1. au contraire CN-M, everyone’s welcome, ‘cept those who’d make the rules for the rest of us on an open forum

  12. Every democrat wants every Trump appointment in his cabinet to resign, so they can stick in some ass kissing socialist.

  13. Hearings have become nothing more than political theater. And prosecutor is just a fancy word for lawyer. Tired of hearing Congress treat people like they’re on trial instead of actually having a conversation about what’s best for America. #FLS

    1. When the usa has prosecutors as lawmakers (think pencil dick Schiff and ballbuster Kamala) they’ll do what they’ve been trained to do, and that’s all. “Attack attack attack” would actually reflect having a purpose, and we know that’s a myth: look at her legislation (sic). She is at best a social opinionist: Carson is inept and Omar (Yes, that Muslim shrew) is not anti-Semitic.

  14. More Democrat dirty tricks. Investigate so you can attack and accuse those being interviewed. Perhaps she can speak up so someone can understand her or stop mumbling.

  15. I think a lot of folks need to reread the article. Ben Carson told the congressional hearing that they were not planning to change the rules for transgenders. Then literally the next day they did.

    So yeah – he either lied or doesn’t know what is going on around him.

    He was a great surgeon – just maybe not the best HUD Secretary. You can be the greatest at something while also be not great at something else.

    1. What you have to realize is that the rule change was in the works for months and approved before the hearing. So, at the time of the hearing, there was no ‘new’ rules in the works. It’s a matter of timing. Had the new rule been published the day before, there would have been no problem. If you read the rule, it works much to the LGBTQXYZ and women’s protection more than anything. You can’t let an obvious male to sleep in the women’s quarters just because he says he identifies as a woman. What king of fallout would there be if women were raped by men posing as transgender women. Transgenders pose many unique problems for every facility. They complain if there isn’t a special place for them and complain if there is. If it were up to me, I’d close all the so-called homeless shelters. Let them get a job, find a place to stay and get off the streets. I’m tired of the bums everywhere begging for money. Several businesses have closed near the homeless shelter here because the bums drive the customers away.

      1. Yes – if it was planned for months, which i agree that it was, his answer should have been, “Yes, i anticipate we will be making some adjustments to transgender protections in the near future”

      2. From middle school biology, you’re either XX or XY and that was determined at conception. If you’re confused you need mental health ccx are not political correctness gone ridiculous.

        1. Science has come a long way since we were in middle school…”For example, genetic men with Klinefelter syndrome possess an extra X chromosome (XXY) or more rarely, two or three extra Xs (XXXY, XXXXY); they typically produce low levels of testosterone, leading to less-developed masculine sexual characteristics and more-developed feminine characteristics than other men. In contrast, some men receive an extra Y chromosome (XYY) in the genetic lottery, and while they have been referred to as “supermales” that is more sensationalism than science.

          Genetic women with Turner syndrome have only one X chromosome; they often display less-developed female sexual characteristics than other women. And people with a genetic mosaic possess XX chromosomes in some cells and XY in others. So how do we determine if they’re male or female? Hint: Don’t say that it depends on the chromosomal makeup of the majority of their cells, since women with more than 90 per cent XY genetic material have given birth.

          Even if you get the “right” combination of sex chromosomes, it’s no guarantee that you’ll fit into the carefully circumscribed human definitions of male and female.”

          “Think gender comes down to X and Y chromosomes? Think again”
          Peter McKnight
          Special to The Globe and Mail
          Published June 4, 2015
          Updated May 15, 2018

          1. How about referencing the equipment we’re born with to determine gender?

    2. I believe he’s a very nice man with an undiagnosed hearing problem. He doesn’t hear what is said to him, and assumes that people are saying something quite different, while not asking for clarification. No wonder he is unaware of what is happening in the department he heads.

  16. Democrats most recent tactic, falsely accuse others of lying while Democrats LIE THEIR BUTTS OFF like usual. The truth to a Democrat is like a cross to a vampire!

  17. Ben Carson is out of his league. Perhaps he might have been more effective as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. I say MIGHT!

    1. Democrats attacking conservatives and accusing them of everything hoping something will stick. It’s all the Democrats have as a plan for 2020. Nothing they do is worth two s**ts.

      1. All the Dems have is shame and innuendo, no policy no other direction. it’s the party of hate and hate always eats up the beholder.

  18. More irrational hate from the left. They offer nothing positive.

  19. Ben Carson has more class than all the Socialist House combined. Especially the moron bimbo questioning him.

    1. He’s got more brains than the Democrats in the House combined as well.

  20. i get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I’ve been doing,……

  21. Illegals living in government(taxpayers) subsidized housing because their children were born in the U.S. and are U.S. citizens. They are called “anchor children”. Another way to scam our Federal government.

    If their parents are deported, the Democrats cry out who will support the children. Answer: The children will be deported with their egg and sperm parents. What’s so difficult?

    1. Makes sense to me. Democraps can’t understand.

    2. That has literally nothing to do with this article.

      1. The same waste of money as homeless Transgenders (insane people) or any homeless for that matter. Bums that want to freeload.

  22. OK now what is a Q, is that a queer…..I really mean it,,,,this PC carp is out of hand…so if they are going to rewrite rules ignore constitution, call us deplorable, please let us know what the hell you are pretending to support…

    1. They add another letter on every decade or so, just so they can accuse people who donr use the whole thing as homophobic.

  23. The critics of Dr. Carson are not fit to shine his shoes.

  24. Perhaps Obama should have resigned after claiming there were 57 states.

    1. Obama opened the door to a lot of insane unAmerican practices. We cannot allow the Dems to tear apart and denigrate America. People need to wake up and vote! These illegal people are overloading taxpayers and the Dems are giving our money to theses non citizens through DACA, dreamers and Student Success programs, asylum, medi-cal just to name a few. Wake up people! Those of us who have Medicare are in jeopardy of that being pilfered too!

  25. I think Carson is a wacko lunatic fanatic.

    1. Tell that to the thousands of lives he’s made better as a surgeon and doctor De McLub. What have your done for society besides sit in your computer chair and throw indignant slams at anyone your narrow minded self disagrees with. Me. I’m thinking Dr. Carson has a whole lot more respect than you will ever have.

    2. And just what qualifies you to make such an absurd observation. The Nany Pelosi School of pseudo psychology. She thinks she’s a critic too. Unfortunately no one is listening to either of you.

      1. It’s De McClung, not DR. Please don’t make it worse than whoever this McClung character is.

      2. Dr Carson could probably help with McClung’s mental midgetry, but first the midget would have to lay off the kool aids before the pediatric neurosurgery could be performed

  26. Dr. Carson dealt with the indignant nonsense; as he always does; a calm, but stern rebuke; coupled with his perpetual dignity.

  27. There seems to be no low these people won’t go to in an effort to slander and libel anyone that is in the Trump admin. What happened to Michelle O’s edict? There isn’t a low these people don’t love. As a reformed person center left I’m so glad I woke to the truth! #WalkAway

  28. Whatever mr. Carson says is always a truth, he has never lied he’s always told the truth and anybody that criticizes him should be dismissed from their office, he is a religious man, and he’s a man of his word if he could not hear them then he was telling the truth, he never became the best brain surgeon in the world by lying so if anybody criticize him they need to be removed from office because he’s always right, and the other people don’t even know what you’re talkin about

  29. I think all the Demoncrats should resign for doing absolutely nothing for the last 2-3 except waste the taxpayers money and show what liars they are. They said the Mueller report would be the final word but they’re still going on and on. California is loaded with tent cities. I wonder if the Demoncrats waive to the homeless on their way home to their gated communities. Let them eat cake. Such a farce. Shifty Adam Shiff all the time about the evidence he has. If that’s the case why doesn’t he bring it out and save the taxpayers money for useful things like the wall. Disgraceful.

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