Ben Sasse Defends Karen Pence Teaching at a Christian School — Calls Backlash ‘Fundamentally Un-American’

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

During a recent interview, Senator Ben Sasse spoke out in defense of Second Lady Karen Pence.

Pence decided to return to teaching at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia. The second lady faced controversy for her decision due to the requirement that teachers and families adhere to Christian values.

The school’s parent agreement has requirements that the families of the students who attend the school must support the Christian family structure, with similar conditions for teachers. Sasse spoke out on Fox News about the backlash, saying that Pence’s decision shouldn’t be criticized.

“I can’t understand why these people don’t have more to do. Karen Pence is a lovely woman and she is trying to help and serve kids and she is doing it at a Christian school,” Sasse said.

He also pointed out that Christian values are protected and that her decision is something to be respected.

“She doesn’t need a job, she’s doing this to love her neighbor. She’s doing this to help kids learn about art. People have decided to attack her because it’s a Christian school. This is a fundamentally un-American way to think,” Sasse said. “I think that everybody should be saying Mrs. Pence, thank you for trying to serve people and help kids learn about art. The fact that she chooses to do it at a Christian school is every bit her right.”

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