Ben Shapiro Backs Don Lemon Into Corner, Gets CNN Anchor to Make ‘Fake Objectivity’ Admission

Ben Shapiro — Editor in Chief of the Daily Wire — managed to get CNN host Don Lemon to admit that the media is not objective and has a point of view, just like everyone else.

While speaking with Lemon, Shapiro said the media likes to act like they are objective, but when cases of bias are obvious, President Trump uses those examples to bolster his political base.

The admission happened when the two were discussing the debate over the removal of Confederate statues:

Shapiro: I think that you personally probably want to see these Confederate statues come down. Is that true? I would assume you do.

Lemon: Listen, I lived in the South a long time. And to tell you the truth, I knew the statues were there; I was offended by the statues. Whether they should come down, I would leave it up to the individuals, but I do think that they are insulting to people, just as you, would you want to see a statue of Hitler, as a Jew?

Shapiro: Right. I totally understand your point of view. The point is that you have a point of view, right?

Lemon: Listen, we shouldn’t pretend that there’s this fake objectivity; everyone has a point of view. That doesn’t mean that you’re biased.

Shapiro: [smiling] Well ­–

Lemon: But to just get people to understand, as a Jewish person you wouldn’t want to go to a Hitler high school.

“Again, totally understood, but the way that it read is that you have a personal animus toward the president, and that’s the way he wants to play it. So whether that’s true or not, that’s the way that a lot of his followers are going to take it,” Shapiro added.

After President Trump’s speech at his rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Lemon had strong words against the president’s speech. “He’s unhinged,” Lemon said. “His speech was without thought, without reason, devoid of facts, devoid of wisdom. There was no gravitas, no sanity.”

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