Berkeley Riot Explodes: Trump Supporters Beaten to Ground as Rally Turns Into Bloody Nightmare

A pro-Trump rally at the University of California, Berkeley turned into a violent, bloody riot Saturday evening.

The civil disturbance led to several attendees in pro-Trump clothing and American flag regalia being assaulted.

Police in riot gear, and even a man in a gas-mask looking helmet and makeshift shield with an American flag intervened after currently unidentified men were assaulted and beaten on the ground.

Some Trump supporters were pepper-sprayed by opposition, according to Buzzfeed News.

An elderly man screams on the ground after reportedly being pepper-sprayed.

An individual is lauded for his physical assault on “antifa [anti First Amendment] scum.”

Opponents of the rally purportedly burned a sign that said “Free Speech.”

A video screengrab appears to confirm the occurrence.

Another individual is intimidated by those around him, as others are beaten to the ground.

Another man is assaulted.

A woman cried while Trump supporters appeared to try comforting her..

A man’s face was bloodied.

Flags were burned.

A Soviet flag appears during chants of “Russia!”, an apparent allusion to claimed ties between the Trump administration and the Russian government.

As did more pro-Trump regalia.

More skirmishes.

The crowd size gathered on campus was quite considerable.

A message was earlier sent out to opponents of the rally, urging them to stay non-violent.

San Francisco public transportation shut down all service to a stop near the “civil disturbance.”

The event was called the Alt-Right “Proud Boys” march.

Alt-Right March in Berkeley

Happening Now: Alt-Right "Proud Boys" supporters gather in Berkeley to rally for free speech.

Posted by BuzzFeed News on Saturday, March 4, 2017

The police attempted to contain the situation, and chased suspects who fled from the scene.

NBC News reports that ten were arrested and three suffered minor injuries at the civil conflagration. It gives a report of what purportedly happened:

A rowdy crowd gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Supporters and detractors of President Donald Trump, including members of the national group By Any Means Necessary, were joined by a large number of police officers, clad in riot gear.

At first, people toted signs, chanted slogans and got into heated debates. Before long, Trump supporters were fighting counter-protesters and getting in their faces to show support for the president.

NBC reported that Trump supporters were outnumbered about 2-to-1. It notes that Trump protesters chanted, “No Donald Trump, no KKK, no racist, fascist USA,” while his backers countered, “Build the wall.”

Trump supporters were heard singing the National Anthem, while their detractors shouted obscene phrases about Trump.

UPDATE: 3/5/2017 2:41 am

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