Bernie Sanders Defends Upcoming Fox News Town Hall: ‘I Don’t Think’ Ignoring Their Audience ‘Is Smart’

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Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spoke out about his decision to attend a town hall hosted by Fox News next week.

The 2020 presidential candidate is known for his support of socialism but claimed during an interview with HuffPost on Monday that it is important to reach out to those that have different beliefs:

“For better or for worse — and it is for worse — for whatever reason, you know, Fox has a huge viewing audience. And to simply say that we’re not going to talk to millions of people who watch that network — I don’t think is smart. When I go on Fox, what I will say is, ‘Look, many of you voted for Donald Trump, but he lied to you.'”

While he is willing to speak with the network, Sanders was outspoken about their differences. When asked if the network is an offshoot of the Trump administration’s propaganda, he did not shy away from giving his opinion.

“In most respects, I think it is,” he responded.

Watch the interview below:

However, during an interview on “The Daily Show” over the weekend, Sanders spoke about his positive experience with the network during the last election:

“However, in the last campaign, I did a town meeting with a fellow named Bret Baier, who did it very fairly. He did it straightforwardly. Believe me, we went over the ground rules beforehand and they kept their word. To me, it is important to distinguish ‘FOX News’ from the many millions of people who watch Fox News.”

Watch his comments below:

Bernie’s Fox News Town Hall

Bernie Sanders is doing a Fox News town hall. But why?Full interview:

Posted by The Daily Show on Friday, April 5, 2019


As IJR Red reported, the DNC announced that they would not work with the network for the presidential primary debates, a decision that some are questioning due to how close the 2016 presidential election was.

While it is uncertain if Fox News’ audience will be receptive to Sanders’ ideas on April 15, the presidential candidate believes it is important to have the opportunity to have them heard.

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I believe most of those awake Americans have heard all they need to know about this old Communist-lite hack. I don’t plan to listen to any more of his anti-American comments and certainly would NOT vote for him or any of his 2020 comrades under any circumstances.





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