Bernie Sanders Releases Stunning Individual Donation Numbers

Andrew Kelly/File Photo/Reuters

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced that his campaign for president has received over four million individual donations.

The news means Sanders is the fastest candidate in history to reach the mark, putting him in a league of his own when it comes to donor contributions. While poll numbers can be a strong indicator of a candidate’s prospects, individual donations are often a sign of voter enthusiasm.

“Working-class Americans across the country are chipping in $3, $18, $27, or whatever they can to help elect Bernie Sanders because they know he is the only candidate who will fight for them and take on corporate greed and corruption,” campaign manager Faiz Shakir said in a statement. “This is what momentum looks like.”

In the 2016 election, Sanders didn’t hit four million individual contributions until after the New Hampshire primary — which is almost three months away.

Last quarter, between July and September, Sanders brought in $25.3 million, the most of any Democratic candidate. 1.4 million contributions made it possible.

Along with the huge number of donations, Sanders’ team says he has made more than seven million calls and sent 63 million text messages to voters in an effort to drum up support and donations. He has a total of $61.5 million from individual donors, best of any Democrat and well ahead of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.) who is in second place with $49.8 million.

Sanders is still third in most national polls, trailing former Vice President Joe Biden and Warren. But the enthusiasm of his base — as demonstrated by his historic individual donations — is something his campaign is going to lean on down the stretch.

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Outstanding! Congratulations, Senator Sanders!





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