Bernie Sanders Praises Amazon for New $15 an Hour Minimum Wage

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Bernie Sanders
SANTA MONICA, CA - SEPTEMBER 6: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveils new Kindle reading devices at a press conference on September 6, 2012 in Santa Monica, California. Amazon unveiled the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire HD in 7 and 8.9-inch sizes. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 04: Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) attends a news conference critical of the Republican tax and budget plan at the U.S. Capitol October 4, 2017 in Washington, DC. Sanders and fellow Congressional Democrats called on President Donald Trump to keep his campaign promises to not cut entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicaid. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) declared war on Amazon this summer, posting scathing tweets and videos that painted a picture of a company that underpays its employees and even treats them as slaves.

However, with Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos announcing that a $15 an hour minimum wage would go into effect for all employees starting next month, Sanders was quick to sing praises for the company.

Sanders also tweeted:

“What Mr. Bezos has done today is not only enormously important for Amazon’s hundreds of thousands of employees, it could well be a shot heard around the world. I urge corporate leaders around the country to follow Mr. Bezos’ lead.”

According to the Associated Press, the announcement comes just as the company is planning to hire 100,000 workers for the holiday season.

Sanders thanked Bezos for showing support for raising the national minimum wage. He also thanked the “many of hundreds” of Amazon employees that reached out to his office, as well as  activists with the Fight for Fifteen movement.

“What Mr. Bezos today has done is not only enormously important for Amazons hundreds of thousands of employees, it could well be, and I think it will be, a shot heard around the world,” Sanders said on Tuesday.

“Mr. Bezos and Amazon are now leading the way, but there is absolutely now no reason why other profitable corporations like Walmart like the fat food industry, like retail in general and other employers, no reason now why they also should also not be paying their employees $15 per hour.”

Watch Sanders’ remarks on Amazon here:

Sanders said the minimum wage also applies to employees at Whole Foods and applies to part time and temporary workers.

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Yeppers, Bernie is doing a great job. Amazon’s pay raise is Bernie’s doing. He badgered Bezos into submission and got Amazon employees that “magical” $15 an hour. What a wonderful and righteous dude that bernie sanders is. But wait, what else is Amazon doing? They are killing bonus plans and stock options that will leave employees that have been there long enough to be close to $15 an hour to end up making between 3-6 THOUSAND LESS per year. “An Amazon warehouse worker told The Verge via email that the news was devastating to fulfillment employees, many of whom depend… Read more »


I think Bernie is doing a great job. The reason for the bail out was because people were using their houses to finance their families welfare as stagnant wages kept them from doing so. Stealing their equity instead of paying decent wage.

Once we start recognizing that we aren’t getting any where cozying up to our betters and start looking out for the workers of the world we will all be better off.

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