Bernie Sanders Sends Pizzas to Kentucky Coal Miners Protesting Unpaid Wages

Aaron P. Bernstein/File Photo/Reuters

Senator Bernie Sanders sent 18 pizzas to a group of coal miners in Kentucky on Friday who are protesting unpaid wages after the company they worked for filed for bankruptcy. The miners have been protesting for weeks and are blocking a train that is reportedly carrying over $1 million in coal.

Local radio reporter Sydney Boles tweeted out a photo of the pizzas, noting that the 18 pizzas also equaled the number of days that the coal miners had been protesting.

The miners have been protesting since July 29, and they’ve earned bipartisan support. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is from Kentucky, has said that he supports the men. McConnell’s Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, has shown up at the site to support the miners.

Blackjewel, the company that ran the mine in Cumberland, Kentucky reportedly owes $4.5 million in unpaid wages. In some cases, the workers received their checks, but the checks bounced when they tried to cash them at their banks. The coal industry in Appalachia has been declining for years as alternative forms of energy continue to become more popular and cost-effective.

The miners say that they learned that the company was shutting down in the middle of their shifts one afternoon. Kentucky law requires that they give a 60-day warning, but that didn’t happen either. Blackjewel operated mines in four states with over a thousand miners on their payroll, according to the New York Times.

Blackjewel’s sister company, Revelation Energy, is owed a $73,000 tax refund by the district, but local officials are pushing back on that, saying that the group owes unpaid property taxes. The Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has put a criminal investigator on the case to see if there was any wrongdoing by anybody at Blackjewel.

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Phyllis Softa

James, I adore reading your posts. No matter what the topic, it is Clinton or Obama’s fault. Coal miners may have aligned themselves with Trump in 2016 as he promised to Make Coal King Again. The coal company OWNERS and Execs have always aligned themselves with the cut regulation and defame union labor REPUBLICANS.


Shouldn’t Bernie buy pizza for everybody? I guess he’s waiting to see if he can get his old claws on the taxpayers’ coffer first.

General Confusion

“Those coal companies must be run by inept Leftists.” Confused James

You are being confusing. What on Earth makes you think that “leftists” would be running such an environmentally destructive business as coal mining? That just absurd!

On top of that, it is illogical wishful fantasy to think liberals can’t run a business.

Without seeing exact Blackjewel donation numbers, 5 times as much bribe money goes to corrupt Republican politicians as corrupt Democratic politicians, from the mining sector as a whole. So there is that, too.


While it’s not a short-term solution, the miners should be able to file a claim in bankruptcy court against Blackjewel. McConnell, McGrath, Trump, etc. should see about having their claims made the #1 priority.

In the meanwhile, they should receive all the entitlements they can get. They ARE American citizens.


Those coal companies must be run by inept Leftists. Bankruptcy, corruption and incompetence seems to be their stock and trade – – – as we’ve seen with the Clinton mobsters, their connection to the DNC and the numerous cities and States run/ruined by the Left. .





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