BET Founder Doesn’t Think Any of the 2020 Democrats Can Win Against Trump

BET founder Robert Johson voiced concern about the field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, telling CNBC he doesn’t think any of them can defeat President Donald Trump.

Speaking to CNBC’s Hadley Gamble, Johnson cited low unemployment, wage growth, and consumer confidence to say that Trump has handled the economy well. He also called out what he said is a “tendency in the media” to cover what people say about Trump instead of the facts.

“If I were to say today again, ‘Hey, I think Trump is doing a great job,’ they’d say ‘Oh my god, a black man said this about Trump’ and therefore, ‘What’s wrong with him?’”

Watch his comments below:

When asked if he thought anyone in the crowded Democratic primary field could beat Trump, Johnson said he doesn’t think any of the candidates could win.

“I don’t think it’s there yet. Nor do I think right now today, if you take a snapshot today, that group is capable of beating Donald Trump — despite what the polls say.”

He added that, even with the recent entrances of Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg, he does not believe any of the candidates are moderate enough to appeal to black voters and energize them to support the Democratic nominee.

“I do not see anybody in the Democratic primary races, today, that is enough in the center where I believe most of the voters are. And I particularly think most of the African American voters are. In terms of, talk about things that bring benefits to that community. I don’t think anybody’s talking about that in a way that’s going to gravitate to their attention and engage them to get out and vote and get actively involved.”

Asked about Bloomberg, who has tried to cast himself as a moderate candidate, Johnson said he will run into trouble with his implementation of controversial Stop-and-Frisk policy while he was mayor of New York City when trying to win over minority voters.

Johnson, who is a lifelong Democrat, said he won’t vote for Trump in the election but he will continue to speak his mind about the president’s job performance.

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Karin Callaway

An honest Man. I Salute you Mr. Johnson. At least there is a person who knows that the Dems are hanging themselves, and he will stick by his personal beliefs even if it veers off from his Party.
Sorry Mr. Johnson, but I will vote for Mr. Trump in 2020 and will be watching for the results. I have been a Republican for 63 years and do not wish to change.


Ya know what, the man has loyalties. At least he is speaking the truth and not lying about trump! I am sure he is getting a lot of flack on his decision to speak the truth. As for not voting for Trump, did he say he was voting for anyone? Give the man credit where credit is do. Hey, by2020 he may vote for Trump. I admire that he spoke the truth and not went with the flow. We need more Men and women like that in America!!!

John Straub
John Straub

Yeah, he is voting for Trump, don’t care what he claims. He even said about how well minorities are doing under Trump’s policies. Not even Patty Duval and Nanny Bloomers can be Trump. That ain’t gonna change.


What a fraud! He is that loyal to his party that he would vote with his prejudice and not his common sense. What a shame. He sounded like a logical thinker at first.

Thomas Cole

Thinks the President is doing a good job, does not feel anyone running can do better…… won’t vote for him because he only votes Democrat? Robert Johson, you are part of the problem.





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