Beto O’Rourke Thanks Supporters After Massive Donation Haul Triples Cruz Campaign Fundraising

Beto O'Rourke
Photo by Tom Fox-Pool/Getty Images

Democratic Texas Senate candidate Rep. Beto O’Rourke just raised more money for his campaign in the last quarter than his opponent, Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, has for his entire campaign.

O’Rourke announced in a Twitter video Friday that $38.1 million was donated to his campaign in the last three months. In comparison, Cruz has raised about $35 million for his entire campaign, according to the Houston Chronicle.

O’Rourke thanked the over 800,000 unique contributors for their support in the video.

“It’s gonna give us the resources we need to finish this campaign as strong as we possibly can,” he said, “and it’s more than three times the amount that Ted Cruz raised not just in his campaign but all the affiliated political action committees that are contributing to his campaign.”


The Houston Chronicle reported that the last three months have put O’Rourke’s total funds at $60 million raised, which is the most out of any Democratic Senate candidate this year.

None of the money donated to O’Rourke’s campaign has come from political action committees, as the Democratic underdog proudly pointed out in his video.

“We are doing something absolutely historic, not just insuring that we have the resources to run and to win but to make sure that once again our democracy is powered by people and only people,” he said.

“People over special interests, people over PACs, people over super PACs, people over corporations, people ensuring that we do the right thing for Texas, for this country at this critical moment. So I just want to take a second to say thank you for making it possible.”

Despite the monetary boost, O’Rourke remains the underdog in recent polls. Quinnipiac University released poll results on Thursday that showed Cruz in the lead by nine points.

However, O’Rourke is hoping for a last-minute boost and will appear on CNN for a town hall on Oct. 18. He will appear solo, as Cruz turned down the invitation.

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  1. Amazing!

    THIS is people power. THIS is what you want to see. THIS is what gives me hope.

    And, if ya don’t now like money in politics, Teeed, work to overturn Citizens United.

      • Seymour, Did you ask if Intrepid is a registered voter in Texas? If Intrepid is not, they will not be voting for Beto or Ted. If you are in search of “Douchebags!!!” look at the almost 63 million Americans that voted for a candidate that was heard on tape bragging of sexual assaulting women, heard on Howard Stern radio interviews bragging of walking in on disrobing teenage contestants, accrued a long list of fines for federal, state and regulatory violations, was sued by hundreds of employees, contractors, attorneys, and business partners, displayed the emotional maturity of a toddler and the debate techniques of the elementary school playground. If you are looking for your “Douchebags!!!” look in the mirror.

  2. How does one get the nick name “Beto” out of “Robert Francis O’Rourke”. Maybe a beta boy like IsStupid would know. Does “Beto” mean “drinking, driving, running into things, and running from the accident scene” in some obscure language? I gotta say that with a BAC of 0.136, he can hold his booze (Boozo?). Or does “Beto” mean burglar in street slang? Or is he as stupid as those who would vote for him and he simply misspelled, “Beta”. Beta Boy fits him well!! Right, Francis?

    • I really don’t care about how a hit and run drunk driver who was arrested as a burglar (his mug shots are on line) whose father was a county judge who was caught with a condom full of “white powder” and had a friend cop destroy it and was later fired, got his faggot nick name. My guess is he didn’t like “Francis”.

      He later admitted to insider trading. I give him some credit for that given that most congress critters do it without admission or shame.

      The irony here, IsStupid, is that Beta Boy O’Rourke is everything you profess to hate yet you still support him because he has a “D” after his name on the ballot. Sounds hypocritical to me!!

      • It sounds hypocritical to you because that is NOT why I support him.

        And, if you really thought that any past transgressions meant anything at all to you, you never would have voted for Trumpov, a life-long criminal.

  3. I liked it when Beto referred to himself in the third person. I’m sure Beto knows what Beto thinks is best for Beto.
    Tequila shots on the house, courtesy of Beto.
    Don’t call a cab! Beto is the designated Beto.

      • Considering I lived in Texas for many years, Still have many friends there and knowing how common sense grounded most Texans are, Beta Boy is the only one impressed with Beta Boy…other than a few oddballs in Austin. I look for just slightly less than Beta Boy getting slaughtered in the upcoming election.

      • I am from Texas born and raised and I tell you he doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell. We dont have a booming economy because we taxed the shit out of our residents and businesses

  4. All they can talk about is “RICH” democrat donors sending money to White Hispanic (not) Beto. Wait, I thought democrats were common folks…..and not wealthy.

    Ha, El Paso is not even considered part of Texas by Texans.

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