Bette Midler Claims Black Friday Frenzy Wouldn’t Happen If Everyone Had ‘Decent’ Pay, Gets Owned

Black Friday is the most hectic day for shopping every year and actress Better Midler believes that is because of a low minimum wage.

Midler, a well-known entertainer, tweeted out her opinion on Black Friday shopping, claiming that the minimum wage should be raised.

The shopping day has become a tradition in American culture, and many other Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Midler’s tweet.

Although some shoppers take the shopping day too seriously, it is still one of the most important days of the year for the U.S. economy, regardless of the rate of the minimum wage.

The is not the first time that the entertainer has faced controversy over her social media posts. She recently tweeted that women are the “n-word of the world.” She also posted a photo of Melania Trump with an insulting caption about her former modeling career.


  1. I doubt min wage recipients were the ones fighting over expensive toys and electronics.

  2. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter how much a person makes, they will cut you over a 50% off flat screen TV.

    Honestly though, the BF shoppers I know just like shopping for deals. Some of my most financially well off friends in terms of salary are the biggest sale shoppers I’ve ever seen – it doesn’t matter if its shose or groceries- and refuse to buy anything full price. BF for them is a party.

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