Biden Admits 2020 Dems Are All ‘on the Same Page’ When It Comes to Socialist Policies Backed by Sanders

Mark Makela/Reuters

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that most of the 2020 Democrats are “on the same page” when it comes to socialism.

Biden is one of 23 Democrats in the 2020 presidential primary. While he has been leading in most polls, his closest competitor — Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — has been narrowing Biden’s margins in the polls.

Similar to his 2016 campaign against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sanders has been running to the left of the frontrunner and has a speech scheduled for Wednesday on why he believes the time for democratic socialism is now.

But unlike 2016, Biden veered to the left of Clinton and admitted that he is “on the same page” as Sanders.

Watch Biden’s comments:

“Look, I just think we’ve got a lot of really good candidates out there and they’re making their case and I don’t, I don’t put a whole lot in terms of labels. I just think that, if you think about it, the vast majority of the members that are running — the folks that are running now — are all kind of on the same page as it relates. We differ on the degree, but we all think there ought to be, if not universal, close to universal health care. We all think we’ve got to improve education. We all think we’ve got to have a foreign policy that embraces our friends and does not embrace our enemies. There’s a whole lot going on.”

Biden said he wouldn’t comment on any of Sanders’ policies, in particular, but noted that he doesn’t necessarily share the label of “democratic socialist” with the senator, even if they embrace the same socialist policies.

“I’m not gonna comment on Bernie’s characterization of who or what he is,” said Biden. “He’s sincere about what he thinks and I think he should go out and say it.”

As IJR previously reported, Biden is largely correct when he says many of the candidates are on the same page when it comes to big government, with some notable exceptions, including former Governor John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) who was booed by California Democrats for saying socialism was “not the answer.”

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General Confusion

So where are IJR’s articles about Bernie’s “democratic socialism” live op-ed?

I would have thought you would have definitely used it to disgust your members. What happened? IJR, you are confusing me.

Tom Bodine

That about says it all folks vote for any Demo-rat and it’s a vote for communism, think that is a harsh statement think again.


Joe should drop out of the race and support Bernie.

John Furlong

Old sleepy Joe wants to rocket back to the status quo, JUST SAY NO!


Admitting they’re all on board for Socialist policies means it’s time to ramp up the education of liberal voters on the complete failure of socialist governments in every country that adopted socialist policies. They have to have the reality of Venezuela’s poverty shoved in their faces. Even in countries that use a capitalistic approach to supply social services to their citizens, they’re finding now that the system is being abused by people filing false claims to recieve benefits they don’t deserve. The system is broken and unable to support the growing number of people taking advantage of it and are… Read more »


Thanks for admitting that you are ALL Socialist sock puppets, with zero real life accomplishments, and reading off the same teleprompter. Lots of promises paid with other people’s money.

Military service ( you have none Joe) means you TOOK orders. (q.v. Biden’s traitor son who couldn’t keep the coke spoon out of his nose and was dishonorably discharged as a result)Too few of your clown bus colleagues have even that qualification. The Butt and Tulsi Gabbard, despite their service, are still lagging behind.


No doubt except it’s not socialism – it’s Marxism/communism and I hope America is awake and doesn’t vote Dem.

Mark Simmons

So is Joe ready to rename his party the Socialist Party? It’s pretty clear they’ve abandoned the idea of democracy–much less a constitutional republic. You know, for a guy who says he doesn’t put much stock in labels, he sure spouts a lot of labels. Including in the sentences right after he said he doesn’t put stock in labels.

I suspect he just doesn’t like labels when they accurately describe him and his party.

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