Biden Advisor Dodges Question on Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Ties: ‘The Question Should Come Back to Donald Trump’

Symone Sanders, a top advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden‘s campaign, dodged a line of questioning on Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties by turning the focus back to President Donald Trump.

President Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry from House Democrats following a whistleblower’s report that claimed the president denied military aid to Ukraine unless they agreed to provide dirt on Biden.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy denies that Trump placed pressure on his leadership team or denied aid because of the situation.

At the base of this whole impeachment inquiry is rumors that Biden’s son Hunter was being investigated for a high-paying position he accepted on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company by a prosecutor Biden got fired while serving as chief envoy to the region for former President Barack Obama.

Biden’s son landed two multi-million dollar accounts in China and Ukraine while his father was leading Obama’s diplomatic efforts in the two states.

While it is not illegal for Hunter to accept such positions while his father was serving, many have questioned the ethics of allowing such an arrangement to go on.

During an interview on Fox News, Sanders was asked by host Martha MacCallum how the former vice president will justify allowing his son to take such a position. Sanders first dodged the question by pivoting back to the claim that Biden got the prosecutor fired to protect his son, something she claimed was a cheap “smear.”

Watch Sanders’ remarks below:

“Martha, he’s been asked questions about this, he’s done gaggles. Our posture is this: What Donald Trump is alleging — and what he’s alleging is that Vice President Biden did something untoward. That there was something fishy going on. That the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor — that the E.U., the IMF, that the entirety of the West was united in wanting, the reformers in Ukraine wanted — that was somehow not on the up-and-up and was devised to protect Vice President Biden’s son. That’s what he’s saying. That’s not true. Our campaign’s posture, and frankly, Vice President Biden’s posture specifically, has been to unequivocally bat down those smears, those lies, and those assertions.”

When MacCallum interjected again to push Sanders toward answering the ethical question about Hunter’s positions, Sanders dodged the question again by turning it on President Trump.

“Frankly, Vice President Biden has been clear. President Trump’s oath of office is to protect Americans, to protect our standing on the international world. He’s violated that oath. He has violated the Constitution. Anytime he wants to bring up Hunter Biden, the question should come back to Donald Trump and what he’s doing because this isn’t about Vice President Biden. This is about Donald Trump.”

Biden hasn’t offered much of a justification for his son’s employment situation during his vice presidency. It remains unclear if this will be a line of questioning he will face in next week’s presidential debates.

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