Biden Campaign Tries to Downplay Report That It’s ‘Freaking Out’ After He Got Pummeled in Dem Debate

After a brutal performance during Thursday night’s second Democratic presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden’s team is attempting to brush off a report that it’s “freaking out.”

According to Olivia Nuzzi, New York Magazine’s Washington correspondent, Biden’s 2020 campaign is concerned about his poor showing during the debate and his struggling to field both questions from the moderators and criticism from his fellow candidates.

“The source said that internally, field staff says the campaign-organized debate watch parties in early voting states have been ‘awkward’ and that Biden isn’t playing well to those who attended,” she tweeted after reporting she heard the team is “freaking out.”

“According to Biden’s staff, he isn’t listening to his debate prep and he’s ‘set in his ways,’ the source close to the campaign tells me,” she added.

Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield, however, quickly shot down the notion, tweeting back at Nuzzi within minutes with a simple, “Nope.”

While it’s unclear if the report is true, Biden did fumble when confronted about his own record as both vice president and a senator, as well as when being put on the spot about failures and mistakes of former President Barack Obama’s administration.

As IJR Red reported, such topics included his working with segregationist senators, his vote in favor of the Iraq War, and the Obama administration’s own controversial deportation policy. One of those moments came when Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) put him on blast over racial issues.

Watch that exchange below:

The debate came on the heels of Biden taking heat from other Democrats for bragging about working with segregationist senators in an attempt to prove he can work with people he disagrees with. It also comes after he has repeatedly claimed the Obama administration came and went without any scandals.

As IJR Red pointed out, there are plenty of Obama-era mishaps that suggest otherwise.

Whether or not the Biden campaign is concerned, several debate analyses have declared him a “loser” of the night, including those done by Real Clear Politics, CNBC, and CNN.

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