Biden Comes Out Swinging in Spat with Iowa Voter: ‘You’re a Damn Liar!’

Former Vice President Joe Biden came out swinging during a town hall with voters in Iowa Thursday morning, calling one man at the meeting a “damn liar” and challenging him to tests of physical and mental endurance.

The Democratic presidential candidate even seemed about to make a reference to the man’s weight at one point during the exchange, saying, “Look, fat …” before stopping himself.

During the meeting in New Hampton, Iowa, the man told Biden that he is too old for the job and criticized him for his son, Hunter Biden’s, work with the Burisma energy company in Ukraine.

“You’re a damn liar, man,” Biden shot back. “That’s not true.”

The man claimed to have seen reports about Hunter Biden on television, which prompted the elder Biden to says he’s not “sedentary” and gets up and around instead of sitting in front of the television.

“The reason I am running is that I have been around a long time and I know more than most people know and I can get things done,” Biden said.

When a staffer attempted to take away the man’s microphone, Biden stopped him and said let him talk. He then challenged the man to a push-up contest or running race, or IQ test, to “test my shape.”

Biden is currently on day six of his “No Malarkey” bus tour across the early primary state.

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  1. What a fantastic way to insult the senior citizen voter! Quid pro quo Joe should lose EVERY senior vote and rely only on the illegal alien vote in Commiefornia. Better yet; drop OUT and save the World, US, Party and family from embarrassment.

  2. The class of a pathetic D-RAT—-A hog in the barnyard, covered with Pelosi has more class that pervert Biden.

  3. ” … I know more than most people know and I can get things done,” Biden said.
    After thirty plus years in congress. What has he done?
    Other than to prove, that even a dumbass, can get a government job?

  4. When Biden gets pissed there’s no mush in his mouth. All those thinking he’s not of sound mind pay attention. My opinion is he ran to claim political persecution. He doesn’t want to be POTUS and he’s doing what he can to make sure he’s not. He knows he’s corrupt in pay for play and his China, Ukraine, Romania ties are very, very bad.

  5. So as long as you believe the bs being shoved down your throat it is ok but if you question them then you are called names and threaten Biden needs to drop out not only that but needs to be impeached himself for what he did

  6. Biden is just uncomfortable to watch. When he came at the 80 plus year old man challenging him to a fight it was difficult to watch. Since when is physical prowess superior to mental prowess for being President? How he continues to be in the top tier is just puzzling.

  7. That is not a way to talk (attack) to any of We The People by one of Our Employees (the lawmakers) that has a questionable concern. In the real World an Employee were to assault an Employer in that manner could face the chances of being demoted to being fired immediately. Disrespecting US is then showing the power they think they have over us because we allow it to happen by not paying attention to there actions not there words while in Office and Voting those out who let there power of lawmaking go to there heads and cross that boundary.

  8. personally i like the part The Reason He Is Running! he has been around a long time and knows how to get things done! can some enlighten us on what he has accomplished in his “around a longtime” has accomplished? other than getting a prosecutor fired in a foreign country and then bragging about it? sorry i forgot and just being plain creepy

  9. How embarrassing, why doesn’t him family step in, the man clearly has aging issues.

    1. Pres. Obama did say to him that he didn’t have to do this.

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