Biden Faces New Corruption Accusations After Reports Show He May Have Used VP Position to Help Brother, Son

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is facing more accusations of possible corruption after it appears as though his brother may have benefitted financially from his vice presidency.

During the Obama administration, Biden was picked to oversee U.S. relations with Ukraine by President Barack Obama, giving the vice president a lot of power in the region.

While Biden was leading efforts in Ukraine, a donor with “deep Ukraine ties” floated Biden’s brother $500,000 to buy a vacation home, according to a report from Politico. In 2015, James Biden used the half-a-million he was given to buy a house on Keewaydin Island in Florida.

Mortgage records show James was given the money from an LLC owned by John Hynansky, a longtime donor to the vice president who was also heavily involved in Ukraine at the time Biden was running the show for the Obama administration.

This transaction has raised some flags as to whether the money was a way for Hynansky to get access to Biden for preferential treatment. Biden’s brother denied that anything nefarious had taken place.

“John Hynansky is a longtime friend of the Bidens,” James Biden’s spokesman told Politico. “He did provide a series of loans during a two-year period while the Bidens were undergoing major renovations of the island home.”

This Politico report comes on the heels of other corruption scandals surrounding Biden’s time overseeing relations with Ukraine.

As IJR previously reported, Biden also faces allegations that he used his position to help his son, Hunter Biden, as well. In a speech in January of 2018, the elder Biden seemingly bragged about how he used a $1 billion loan from the U.S to Ukraine as leverage to get them to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who the vice president claimed was corrupt.

Later, reports surfaced that Shokin was responsible for an investigation into Burmisa Holdings, a company for which Hunter Biden was a board member.

In addition to the situation with Shokin, Hunter Biden also landed several multi-million dollar deals for Burmisa from China and Ukraine in the timeframe where the vice president was overseeing diplomatic relations, leaving may concerned that there may be a pay-for-play scheme going on under Biden’s watch.

The vice president has refused to address questions about the allegations, even dodging reporters from ABC News for weeks.

It remains unclear how these allegations will impact Biden’s presidential bid. He is currently the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.


  1. A total moron and a corrupt life long politician ?

  2. Really? We’ve known about Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deals with Ukraine and China for six months and Joe’s participation..

  3. Not possible, after all under Barry’s watch there were no scandals, right Joe?

    1. Recall what I said about believing China’s announcements.

      People who have to work to convince you there was no scandal say there were scandals. Buy this used car.

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