Biden Apparently Forgets Obama’s Name, Touts Friendship With Segregationist During Gaffe-Filled Campaign Day

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a rough day on the campaign trail filled with gaffes and other statements that could haunt his campaign.

As IJR reported earlier, Biden was widely mocked Wednesday morning after footage from the campaign trail showed him referring to the G7 Summit as the G8 Summit, just before he bragged about his “expertise” on American foreign policy, telling the crowd, “If I have any expertise, it’s American foreign policy.”

Watch Biden’s flub:

That was just the first of several statements that he flubbed during the day.

Later, he appeared to forget the name of his former running mate, President Barack Obama.

During a campaign stop, Biden seemed to struggle to remember Obama’s name, instead referring to the president as his former boss. While telling a story about Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded the Crimean Peninsula, Biden hesitated while describing Obama.

Watch Biden’s speech:

“They invaded another country and annexed a significant portion of [Ukraine] called Crimea. He’s saying that it was president — my boss — it was his fault,” Biden said.

Finally, Biden landed in hot water after he referred to former Senator Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.) as a “great, great friend.” Hollings was an outspoken supporter of segregation during Biden’s early days in the U.S. Senate.

Watch his comments on Hollings:

“The fact of the matter is that I want to thank all of you for coming out today. And, folks, you know, I spent an awful lot of time in South Carolina because of my good friend — and he was my great, great friend who helped me a great deal through some really difficult times — Fritz Holling.”

This is not the first time that Biden’s fond memories with problematic senators has landed him in hot water. He also faced backlash for bragging about his ability to work with segregationists in the 1970s, a statement that his primary opponents used against in the early weeks of his campaign.


  1. Cherl, Thank you for the compliment and thank you for not disputing that Trump did any of the mentions in my post. “Hate” has zero to do with recall of the events of the last 951 days. If I had a wish, I would not waste it on blocking my memory of Trump stupid antics, as apparently you have done. I would use it to prevent them from occurring. He behaves as if he is the representative of just his base when in fact he represents ALL American citizens when he speaks and tweets.

    1. Old Phyll, you’re trying much too hard to be humorous. It’s not working. Sorry. Didn’t read the rest of your blathering. So who’s politics did you change today with your sad opinions based on hate from a man who doesn’t know that you exist.

  2. James, I do not recall you acknowledging the World was laughing when Trump praised the Revolutionary soldiers for successfully defending the airports. Or when Trump claimed on the world stage that he believed Putin over his own intel community. Russia, in particular, thought that one was a hoot. Or when Trump repeatedly claimed China was paying the U.S. Treasury the tariff on IMPORTS to the U.S. Less of a laughing matter was when Trump claimed after the Singapore summit that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat and was so convinced that he had ended the NK nuclear program that he asked Prime Minister Abe to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Do Trumpers actually believe the world is not laughing at us for electing a man who says”[Puerto Rico] is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.” Watch the late night talk shows. Trump provides material EVERY single night. If you think Biden is as prone to gaffes as Trump, WHY would you not want to see jokes of a D, instead of 4 more years of Trump jokes?

    1. You must be a laugh a minute at parties. If you’re invited to any, that is. Hate is a terrible thing to waste, right?

  3. Might as well keep this headline keyed up! Pretty much just another day for the senile old fool.

  4. I don’t care if Floppy Joe frequently dined with the Grand Wizard and Grand Cyclops with a side of Malcolm X; the dottering old fool has no place leading this country.

  5. Does this moron’s wife have to change his diaper and dress him in the morning and put his jammies on him at bedtime? I’ve been watching politics since 1956 and THIS Gaffe-a-Minute creep is the absolute WORST I have ever seen to be calling himself a potential candidate to be the POTUS. The entire World must be in stitches with laughter.

    1. She just swallows hard and votes for Joe. Lucky guy!!

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