Biden Lands in Hot Water After Saying ‘Poor Kids’ Are ‘as Talented as White Kids’

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) landed in hot water after he made a racially insensitive slip-up in a campaign speech Thursday evening.

Biden — who sits comfortably at the top of most 2020 Democratic primary polls — addressed a crowd about the economic opportunities of young people in the United States.

Unfortunately for Biden’s campaign, the former vice president made a terrible gaffe during his speech were he seemed to claim that being white and being poor were opposites.

“The other thing we should do is we should challenge these students. We should challenge students in these schools and have advanced placement programs in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids — wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.”

Biden clearly realized his gaffe and tried to correct it after a brief pause by correcting to “wealthy kids” and later adding other racial groups.

Still, his correction didn’t land with many. Several took to Twitter to call out the former vice president for his flub, with many questioning how people would have responded if President Donald Trump had made the same slip-up.

Others wondered how this statement could impact Biden’s presidential bid or his lock at the top of the polls.

Although it may be Biden’s most talked about gaffe of the day, it was one of many. His other flubs included mistaking former U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May with fellow former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher — a mistake Biden has made before.

Additionally, Biden slipped up and told the crowd he prefers “truth over facts,” a statement that left many scratching their heads.

Although Biden seemed unable to get ahold of his flubs on Thursday, he has a lot of time to correct himself before anyone casts a vote in the 2020 primary. The Iowa caucuses will take place on February 3, 2020 — which is more than 170 days away.


  1. LMAO, Biden, you’re just a doddering old fool! Pres. Ford was known for his falls, but you can’t even speak without making an ASS of yourself! Thank God he didn’t try to “make it right” by saying , well, at least the poor kids excel in basketball!

  2. “It’s a shame that saner, more moderate candidates like Delaney, Bullock, etc. don’t stand a chance in the Woke Olympics of modern Dimocratic politics.” I Ching

    You and so many Democrats are confused.

    Our politics swing back and forth and, for the most part, the different regimes have balanced themselves out. A conservative win balances out a liberal win. Rinse and repeat.

    The problem today is that the Republican Party has swung so far to the right that we need a far-left regime to rebalance our current dangerous mess. The ONLY situation that will accomplish that is a complete progressive win in 2020 – Congress and administration. It is unlikely to happen because so many of the Democrats are corrupted, but it IS what we need. Right now, moderation will only continue the pain by keeping the king elected, including the pain that Republican voters hoped that the king would relieve.

    Another problem is that the GOP has such terrible policies that they can’t win now without cheating (gerrymandering, racist voting laws, lying, etc). This is eventually going to backfire and, at some point, will hopefully collapse the whole party (the party needs time to clense and heal, then it can rejoin civilization). King Donald The Loser can’t help with this. He is a result of it and wants to push it further. Good luck, dude.

  3. Flip Flop Biden is as stupid as Nutsey Pelosi who has repeatedly referred to President Trump as President Bush. Maybe he shouldn’t wash his hands and get rid of his speaking points. Better yet; do us all a huge favor and just shut up for a few more years.

  4. Poor Joe the Gaffer might misspell his own name. He is doing his party a disservice by running. In fact, he is doing the nation a disservice by running. Recall the E.F. Hutton commercials which stated when they spoke “People listen”…? Joe better hope people don’t listen when he speaks because he is a babbling idiot who seemingly doesn’t know where he is most of the time.
    He will be a three-time loser.

  5. To the Confused One,

    Like the blind squirrel you found a nut. That old saying about choosing between the “lesser of 20+ evils” comes to mind.

    I agree that Biden is not a good choice, though world’s ahead of Her Cankleness. If he’s the Dimocratic best choice then they are already lost, but maybe, just maybe he’ll fall and be replaced by Bernie? By Liawatha? By Kamallama Round Heels? By Beta “I’m a furry and eat dirt”?

    It’s a shame that saner, more moderate candidates like Delaney, Bullock, etc. don’t stand a chance in the Woke Olympics of modern Dimocratic politics.

  6. A few observations:
    1. the Dims are once again running a “desperation” candidate. At least Joe is more likable than what’sername in the pantsuit.

    2. the Dims are living in the past. Nancy thought Bush was still president. Joe thought Thatcher was still prime minister. They can’t move past 2016.

    3. Joe appears ignorant of the fact that race is not linked to wealth and neither are talent/IQ. Who’s the racist Joe?

  7. Somebody confused Biden in that he should run for president – again.

    He ran two mediocre campaigns before. What on Earth made him think that this one would be any different?

    Drop out before you make any more of these horrific gaffs and lose all of your remaining cred!

    1. This is officially the first time I have ever agreed with you! Plus from me!

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