Biden Ignores The Money He Charged Secret Service As He Slams Trump for Self-Dealing

Mark Makela/Reuters

Former Vice Joe Biden took to Twitter on Thursday to slam President Donald Trump for choosing the Trump National Doral resort to host the 2020 G-7 summit saying:

“Hosting a major foreign leader summit at a Trump hotel? Donald Trump continues to abuse his power to line his own pockets.”

Biden has routinely accused Trump of using the presidency to enrich himself. On Monday, the former vice president released a new ethics policy and took aim at Trump saying he has “abused the presidency to enrich himself — spending countless tax dollars at his own properties.”:

“We must elect leaders with integrity, for whom the public interest is paramount. But that’s not enough. We also must strengthen our laws to ensure that no future president can ever again use the office for personal gain.”

Interestingly, Biden seems to have forgotten about an arrangement he made with the Secret Service that handed him thousands of dollars while he was in office.

In 2011, The Telegraph reported that the Secret Service signed a contract to rent a cottage that was owned by Biden.

According to the article, the agency paid Biden $13,000 dollars in rent from April to August of 2011. The Telegraph reported that the contract was scheduled to expire in 2013 and that the agency could pay Biden roughly $66,000 over the duration of the agreement.

When asked by The Washington Times if the Secret Service normally pays the people it protects rent, the agency said, “It’s a rental property, so we pay rent there.”

Biden’s mother lived in the cottage until she passed away, and a year later the Secret Service signed the contract to rent the cottage after looking at other houses to rent to increase security for Biden.

In 2014, The Washington Times reported the agency renewed its rental contract with Biden.

While the Secret Service is legally required to pay rent to landlords, its notable that Biden continues to attack Trump for hosting events at his companies’ properties while ignoring the money he made from the Secret Service.

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Connie Staiger

As always!! Democrat double standards!!


Pot calling kettle black Biden?

Sandra Lueder
Sandra Lueder

Not surprising. At. All. Biden is a creep.


Biden lies some more. No surprise!

Dorothy Wade Lamar

In my opinion, Biden has Alzheimers or is crooked as a snake and I would definitely go with the latter. It could be both!

Dale Brown
Dale Brown

Yeah line his own pockets so he can donate it to the veterans! We already know that he doesn’t even take a salary for his service! Nice try Joseph but let’s keep it real. lol Tax returns? You mean documents that have been created by professionals as most use? You going to start more smack for what you have to cover up? “What difference does it make at this point Mr Biden “?

Bonnie Keever

Really and then the contracts with China and the Ukraine for his son which Biden gets kick backs for really no wonder he wants Trump impeach he can’t beat him I am a registered Democrat but I refuse to vote for anyone running especially creepy Joe


Same old one sided story bull shit…..It’s okay for the left but never okay for the right!





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