Biden Is ‘Surprised’ That His Fellow 2020 Democrats Want Nothing to Do With Obamacare

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Former Vice President Joe Biden is “surprised” that his fellow 2020 Democrats want nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

Biden has closely tied his political ship to that of his former running mate, President Barack Obama. Part of that includes carrying his legacy in his 2020 presidential bid, including Obamacare.

While most 2020 Democrats pivot their support to universal care plans, like Medicare for All, Biden is one of the few candidates running on rebuilding the Affordable Care Act.

The former vice president released a video on his plan to “rebuild Obamacare,” while calling out Democrats for jumping ship to Medicare for All.

Watch Biden’s video:

“I believe we have to protect and build on Obamacare. That’s why I proposed adding a public option to Obamacare as the best way to lower costs and cover everyone. I understand the appeal of Medicare for All, but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of Obamacare. And I’m not for that. I was very proud the day I stood there with Barack Obama and he signed that legislation. Never before had anyone ever been able to do that in the White House.”

Biden added that “starting over” on a Democrat-backed healthcare plan “makes no sense.”

“I knew the Republicans would do everything in their power to repeal Obamacare — they still are. But I’m surprised that so many Democrats are running on getting rid of it,” said Biden.

While Biden seems confident that Obamacare is the way to go, many believe the policy was a failure. In the individual market, health care prices skyrocketed. Many Americans lost their original insurance plan, a move which made President Obama’s “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it” one of the biggest lies of his presidency.

As President Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar put it, “[Obamacare] betrayed basically every single promise that was made to the American people.”

Maybe Biden shouldn’t be surprised that most 2020 Democrats are looking to run on anything but Obamacare, given the program’s net result.

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Tom Bodine

Protecting Barry and his legacy you old gaff prone buffoon, got anything else you two screwed millions of us with your socialized medicine scheme.


You first Joe. I might accept your promotion of the FAILED Obozocare scam or your colleagues Medicaid for All scam IF you all go on them first. Let’s see how you do after four years.

Doubling-down on Obozo’s scam shows you lack ideas of your own. It also shows you are still hiding in his shadow.


Someone needs to put Biden out to pasture. RETIRE alone mg with all the out of touch swamp creatures.


Surprised? It is crap, it always has been and always will be. There was a Congress that voted on it without reading the bill and there is a Chief Justice, who supposedly knows the law, stating that the penalty was really a tax. Of all the destruction that administration did to the country, that is probably the worst. People were losing their jobs and when they couldn’t afford the outrageous premiums, they were hit with a penalty.

Allen Zabel

Because, he’s a proven idiot. People are walking away from liberal retards, like Biden.
Of course, it’s the last nail in the coffin, for an Obama legacy.
Which is fine by me.
BTW. I still haven’t received an answer to this question:
If Obamacare was so great and so worthwhile?
Why did the Democratic donors, get a pass on requiring it?
You know, like Union teachers, union construction workers, union … etc.


Obviously Biden still believes that Obamacare was a big ‘f-ing’ deal, more like an ordeal. Many of the present Dumbos want universal coverage even it it bankrupts the country. Those who don’t should speak up as a few have had the audacity to do.





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